A beautiful tribute.

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A likhtige GanEden, as my mom used to say.

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Best wishes!

והיו עיניך רואות את אביך & he should be an inspiration!

(I would say more but I forget what qualifies for a rationalist Yartzeit.)

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עד ביאת הגואל.

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עד ביאת הגואל

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בבניין ציון תנוחם

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Your father played a part of unwitting shadhan in 1971.

He was on the board of the Hillel House management committee, and they decided to close Hillel House for the Rosh Hashanah. All students at Hillel would go home for 2 days and then come back to resume their studies.

My to-be wife lived too far away to go home, so she stayed with us, five boys with elevated testosterone levels.

At this juncture, I should say that she stayed in a bedroom of a boy who had gone home.

I liked what I saw, and I liked what I tasted as she cooked for us in payment for the two days of staying with us.

We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last November.

So thank you, Dr. Slifkin (as he then was) for bringing us together.

Shimon Blackman

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Lovely man. Remember him and our Sunday afternoon trips to garden centres together with fondness.

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Old friend of your father. He was a Professor at Salford, I was a grad student at Manchester. When he spent a year at the Weizmann Institute, I was a Senior Scientist, and I drove him around the Galil and the Golan. I remember we visited the alligator farm at Chamat Gader. He was several Years older than me, but we got along very well.

I believe we are distantly related. Your mothe, Marietta, was a Cohen from Manchester. Chaim and David Cohen were cousins of my father.

Love your blog and the work you do. Keep up

The good work

Joe Leibovich

Professor Emeritus

Cell Biology & Molecular Medicine

Rutgers University

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Long life! May your memories of him bring you comfort. I remember him well as the safety officer at JCT.

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What's this Hebrew yortzeit? 6 nissan? Same as me.

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