Movies are goyish.

The past time of Torah true Jews ought to be a Torah true one, not Pixar, Hollywood, and the rest.

Your problems wouldn't be problems if you raised your children properly. Then they likely wouldn't know or care about such stupidities.

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"Innocent stuff, suitable for a young Jewish audience"

Well, have you changed your mind about that one? And, will you still be taking your kids to the movies? -

There's an established community out there, with a plethora of safeguards in place to prevent these sorts of dangers from occuring. Think banning books for instance.

Consider it.

"The Charadi Slifkin" for Disney's next episode would be an absolute scream.

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I have a lot of words but won't use most of them. Suffice it to say that

1) This movie was not written with Jews in mind. The issues facing Koreans, Chinese, and hundreds of other groups are not the same as the ones facing Jews. If you want to have that discussion it will take a while.

2) It is just proud of fifty years since racial purity laws in the US were overturned and it became legal to intermarry. And it was only a couple decades earlier that Germany's Nuremberg racial laws were removed by fire and sword. i do not want eirher to return. No Jew should.

3) Other than being a member of the Nation of Israel what are the "strengths" of inbreeding to which you are referring, Rabbi? They are not health or intelligence or physical strength or moral fiber. And we yidden pay a terrible price due to genetic diseases, especially the Ashkenazim. when premarital DNA testing is routine because of genetic diseases things have gone dangerously wrong from a purely biological standpoint.

4) At other points in history what constituted intermarriage and the barriers to it was different than today's halacha. A different discussion

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a) it is just a film

b) in many parts of the world it would be a good thing eg Northern Ireland

c) the way Orthodox Judaism is going, bringing in new ideas through intermarriage might not be such a bad thing

d) the general aversion to inter marriage is rabbinic rather than biblical in nature and its usefulness may have passed.

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Could equally be about intra-marriage: Secular v. Religious, Sephardic/Mizrachi v. Ashkenazi, BaalTeshuvah v. 'organic' Jews. Black v. White Jews.

I see and hear constant excuses for such relationships not to happen in order not to 'blend' cultures 'out of existence', rather than embrace the syncretistic elements.

Anyway, narishkeit at the end of the day.

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Sounds like this movie is great. That is, a great opportunity for a parent to discuss these questions with your children: what makes us unique as Jews, and how do we impact the world? How does our unique message become enhanced or diluted with exposure to others? What do we have to gain from the outside world, and what should we protect ourselves from? Movies can be great springboards for these important discussions

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Btw ns - some of the comments below are out and out Kefira, whoever's definition you go with.

Unless you haven't read them, how you allow them on your blog is quite literally beyond me.

I am not saying that you should go on a wich hunt, but to allow such comments on your private blog - despite having deleted at times other people's comments when you had reason to do so, is an absolute disgrace, both to you and to whom you feel you represent - oh and by the way it is most definitely assur.

I am not expecting a reply from you, you have a tendency to ignore comments when it suits you. Despite that I can't help offering up my little voice of protest.

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"And if intermarriage between Earth, Air, Fire and Water becomes acceptable, how long does it take before the divisions disappear entirely? Sure, if your goal is a melting pot then it doesn’t matter so much, and it’s better to have everyone be the same. But the premise of the film was that the unique characteristics of the elements were actually valuable. How would these characteristics remain, if they are blended out of existence?" 1) I think it is fine if individuals of tribes, cultures etc: want to preserve their tribe, culture etc: However, I am against forcing individuals not to intermarry. It is unlikely every member of the tribe will intermarry, so the argument no body should intermarry b'cause then the tribe will disappear is in general very weak. Only in special circumstances can I see the validity of such an argument. Very rarely will I support the notion that two people in love should not marry just because of an alleged threat to the tribes survival. 2) Where in the Torah does it say that in general you should not intermarry ? If I recall, the prohibition was for intermarriage only with certain ancient near cultures-tribes.

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There's nothing worse than a propagandistic film. Whether I agree or disagree with the philosophy being foisted it just makes for bad movies.

I also loved Goy Story! I think it's time to found a new Natoons animation company 😜

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A little reminiscent of John Lennon’s “Imagine”

No Heaven or hell, no countries, no religion, no possessions, no greed…. A brotherhood of man.

You may say he was a dreamer… but were his dreams Utopian or dystopian?

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I think my father had a similar critique about (1989's) *The Little Mermaid*. And the moral of the story there is "tick off your parents and disrespect your people, but eventually they'll come around and agree with you anyhow."

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Hollywood has moved to wokeness awhile ago. My son and daughter-in-law only let their kids see a very few movies that they have vetted before. Mostly they watch old movies.

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Aug 31·edited Aug 31
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What's wrong with non-Jews adopting the message? The world would be less conflict-ridden.

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Assimilated Nemo sounds a blast! lol...Goy Story...that's brilliant. Aren't all kids animated movies about social rejection and then be accepted? The classic Hero's journey? You could read religious overtones into any of them.

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Not sure why you are so convinced that it's a bad message. Isn't acceptance a good thing?

While I certainly don't condone watching "goyish" movies, I don't get what is so insidious about it?

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