Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Coming to America

I'm coming to America at the beginning of February. I'll be in Miami Beach for Shabbat of February 11, then I might be popping over to Cincinnati midweek, and it looks like I am available for the following Shabbat, February 18, in NY/NJ. Please contact me at if you are interested in hosting me as scholar-in-residence - preference is for Five Towns/ Teaneck.


  1. Great Pics - King Jaffe Joffer and Rabbi Natan Nosson :-)

  2. Only a sociopath would proclaim to be a scholar in residence

    1. That's what it's called when you have a speaker coming for the weekend. That's the actual name of the gig. What is your issue with the term?

    2. Rabbi Slifkin, you really have to change your software so it no longer allows postings by "Anonymous"!

    3. And if he used pseudonym you wouldn't mind a nasty ignorant comment like that?


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