Friday, August 12, 2022

One Hundred Thousand!

I have to say, I'm pretty darn proud of this accomplishment. The Biblical Museum of Natural History recently hosted its 100,000th visitor since its inception! (And this doesn't include all the thousands who toured via Zoom.) Thanks to everyone on my team and to all of our supporters for making this incredible accomplishment possible!


  1. I can't tell which person in the photo hit that round number, but mazel tov all the same. Onward to your first million!

  2. Mazel tov! Made my day! Many many more!

  3. Very happy for you and your team!!!

  4. Wishing you humongous ongoing success!

  5. Mazel tov on your achievement!! We visited the old site a few years ago. We haven't been to the new site yet but plan on doing so soon.

  6. Have some humility! God is the one who gives success.

    1. That’s definitely true in the macro and maybe you’re right that Natan should mention God as well however there’s nothing wrong with attributing successes to one’s talents and hard work while at the same time being aware of where those abilities and capabilities derive from ultimately

      Actually goes the heart of this blog

      One’s actions are not dictated and controlled by God and they have real world effects

      Current chareidi belief seems to predominantly be that any and all effects and results are directly from God with one’s actions just a mirage as either a test or divine veil

      Actually it’s no less a mystic than Ramban that expresses the “rationalist” view on this matter in devarim 8 18
      וזכרת את י״י אלהיך כי הוא הנותן לך כח לעשות חיל – ידוע כי ישראל גבורים ואנשי חיל למלחמה, כי נמשלו לאריות ולזאב יטרף, ומלכי כנען במלחמה נצחו אותם. על כן אמר: אם תחשוב כחי ועוצם ידי עשה לי את החיל הזה (דברים ח׳:י״ז), תזכור השם שהוציא אותך ממצרים, ולא היה לך שם כח ועוצם יד כלל, ותזכור עוד כי במדבר אשר אין לאל ידך לחיות שם עשה לך כל צרכך, אם כן גם החיל הזה אשר עשית בכחך, השם הוא שנתן לך הכח כאשר עשית אותו, ואם תשכח את השם יכלה כחך ושארך ותאבד כאשר אבדו הם, כי כל עוזבי י״י יכלו.
      He clearly states that the proximate and immediate cause of material consequences derive from an individuals power

      It’s just that we need to be cognizant and aware of the underlying supplier of said energies and talents etc

      His reading is in direct opposition to the current popular reading of “kochi v’otzem yadi etc” that holds that God directly causes everything with human action no more than a smokescreen

    2. Of course! But there is nothing wrong or audacious about being proud of a milestone met.

      Cut RNS some slack. There are plenty of legit issues to get "angry" about them him sharing some good news.

    3. Liar. You aren't MO.

    4. I think he is just trying to egg the UO on.

    5. "His reading is in direct opposition to the current popular reading of “kochi v’otzem yadi etc”"

      Yup. Do an important מצוה that's often neglected by Charedim, and it's כחי ועצם ידי:

      "The great Torah leaders always feared that the continual emphasis of the national religious world on Jewish military strength, and the glorification of military service as the highest calling, could veer dangerously close to an atti-tude of kochi ve'otzem yadi." - J. Rosenblum, Taking Leave of Gaza, Jewish Obfuscator, 2005

  7. Replies
    1. @happy, we're happy to see you back! This site is half the fun without you!


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