Thursday, June 2, 2022

Teaneck Event

On my way back from the Biblical Feast of Exotic Kosher Legends in Beverly Hills, I'll be doing the following event in Teaneck:

Space is very limited for this event, which includes an exclusive viewing of minerals & gems. To learn more about joining our family of patrons, see

(On the morning of the 15th, I'm looking for a responsible teenager or adult to assist me in cataloguing an extraordinary collection of Noah's Arks that is being donated to the museum. If you'd like to assist with this, please write to me.) 


1 comment:

  1. @Baal Ha Boss May 19, 2022 at 2:38 PM "still waiting for an event like this [feast in Beverly Hills] in London"

    Make it worth his time & he'll come.


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