Tuesday, July 6, 2021

An Important Message for Email Subscribers

If you subscribe to Rationalist Judaism via email, you will have received a rather odd-looking message from FollowIt, which read as follows:

You receive this email because the publisher of the feed Rationalistjudaism imported you to this list, claiming that you were already subscribed to this content in other ways previously. Please confirm this is correct and you want to receive this content by clicking here, or decline if you don't want to receive it. 

The reason for this message is that the service which sends out blog posts via email is stopping any day now. We had to find a replacement service, and we chose FollowIt. You must click on the confirmation link in the email that you received in order to continue receiving the blog posts. If you accidentally clicked Decline, then you must re-subscribe, using the new form on the right-hand side at www.RationalistJudaism.com.

The new mailing service included various advertisements at the end, some of which may have been unsavory. We are upgrading to the paid version of this service in order to remove these advertisements. 

If you'd like to help offset the costs of this blog, and show your appreciation for the material, please make a donation to The Biblical Museum of Natural History at this link!


  1. Error message. Says page doesn't exist!

  2. Is there a way with the new service to include the title of each post in the subject line as with the old service, instead of just "new message"? I keep the posts that I especially like in my mailbox. Without the title in the subject line it will be difficult to find a specific post at a later date.


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