Thursday, April 1, 2021

Our Most Incredible Exhibit Yet!

We are thrilled to announce our spectacular new "behemoth" exhibit! This follows the view that the Biblical behemoth of the Book of Job, described as a gigantic swamp-dwelling creature with a tail like a cedar-tree, is the brachiosaurus. Obviously there are no stuffed brachiosauruses available, but we were able to mount this incredibly lifelike model on the roof of our building! Take a look at it as you drive past the museum, and for more about the Biblical behemoth, read our book Sacred Monsters, available at

Moadim le-simcha!


  1. I think a careful look at the date might be in order!

  2. Which "mo'ed" are you reffering to in your sign off?

  3. April Fool!
    But how would you really know whether it was lifelike?

  4. I suppose this is in line with making the museum chareidi friendly. Scientists think the brachiosaurus was extinct at the time of Job.

    What one does for Parnassah.

  5. Does anyone say that it's a hippopotamus?

  6. The Behemoth as recorded in Eyov, when psukim are understood literally, would be much much bigger than that thing on your roof.

  7. You call the museum "Biblical", yet you mount a dinosaur on top. I guess you're the founder and director, you call the shots.

  8. First off, you know the brachiosaurus never existed. There was no such thing as a brachiosaurus. Second off, the animal with Job must be a dinosaur or a fantasy animal. Job is a parable anyway (according to the sages). Why look for real creatures to play the part? One thing is certain, Job's behemoth definitely doesn't resemble a hippo as you write in your book "The Challenge of Creation." Maybe a crock? They live in the Jordan and wave a tail like a cedar tree.

  9. "Incredibly lifelike" but with no head! The neck looks suspiciously like an elephant's trunk.

  10. Wouldn’t that be great! Especially if it continued past April 1st! Well done; you actually had me for about thirty seconds,

    Personally, I love the idea of a sauropod being mentioned in Job.

  11. For the nerds here.

    However, the animal you’re likely picturing in your head right now is not Brachiosaurus.

    How can this be? Is this one of those Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus or Triceratops/Torosaurus things? Why can’t paleontologists leave our most beloved dinosaurs alone? Well fear not, because Brachiosaurus is still a valid dinosaur, and there’s a good reason as to why the animal you think is Brachiosaurus actually isn’t.

  12. Obviously there are no stuffed brachiosauruses available

    I foolishly thought that the good doctor had got the plural of brachiosaurus wrong. I have now learnt it is of Greek origin.

    If the good doctor will find it in his heart to be mochel me for my unworthy thoughts I would be eternally grateful.

    Riggs derived the genus name from the Greek brachion/βραχίων meaning "arm" and sauros/σαυρος meaning "lizard", because he realized that the length of the arms was unusual for a sauropod

  13. So Leviathan is a plesiosaurus?

    1. Well, ancient reptiles have been suggested as the identity of the Taninim Gedolim of Bereishit as early as the 1840s. See The book of the great sea-dragons, Ichthyosauri and Plesiosauri, [gedolim taninim] gedolim taninim, of Moses. Extinct monsters of the ancient earth. :) :)


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