Thursday, December 12, 2019

Arriving In England On A Fateful Day (updated)

I arrived in England late last night, on the day of the most fateful elections for Britain in goodness knows how long. I saw a perfect five word summary of the core, undeniable, lethal problem with Corbyn: His friends are genocidal terrorists. Fortunately he lost by a landslide, but he unleashed a new wave of antisemitism and Israelopathy in the UK that will be difficult to uproot.

The mood in shul in Hampstead Garden Suburbs this morning was euphoric. After chazaras haShatz, someone called out that we should say Hallel rather than Tachanun! The rabbi recited Shehechiyanu after davenning (albeit without Shem u'Malchus).

Let's hope that the right people in the US take note. Corbyn campaigned that he was "For the many, not the few," but the many evidently thought otherwise. Taking the Democratic party to the radical left is not going to help them win.

Meanwhile, I'll be giving several presentations in Hampstead Garden Suburbs this Shabbos, and we have a special event planned for Sunday evening in Hendon!


  1. Well this ought to give you plenty to chew on:

  2. Oh, and this:

  3. The most important message for British Jews is that it was the endlessly derided English working classes who put tribal loyalty aside to finish off Corbyn. Educated middle class liberals, with various degrees of enthusiasm, lined up to vote for an Marxist crackpot because of their nutty obsession with the EU.

  4. You do know it's "Hampstead Garden Suburb" - not "Suburbs" , don't you ;)

  5. Replies
    1. And Corbyn is resigning from Labour. Goodbye and good riddance. May he take all his hateful Momentum comrades with him.


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