Thursday, November 28, 2019

Serious Opportunities Available!

The construction of the new home of the Biblical Museum of Natural History is nearly complete! I'm pleased to announce that we have numerous unique naming opportunities available. Some have already been taken, but there are still plenty left!

We've put together a beautiful book which explains the mission, history and future of the museum, along with a detailed plan of the new building, and a description of the various naming opportunities that are available. For those that are seriously interested, we can mail a printed copy. Meanwhile, you can download it as a PDF on this page: Please share it with whoever might be interested in these opportunities!


  1. Hi! In the illustration of the new building, what creature is shown protruding out of the wall?

  2. I wish you every success.

    Small mistake - on page 21 of the brochure the paragraphs headed "Screening Room" and "Animal Care Room" have the same text.

  3. This must be in Israel. The drawing shows cars parked on the sidewalk.

  4. In the "Exhibits With An Impact" section, you have "a broad range of taxidermy and live specimens are used to demonstrate...".

    Correct English: "a broad range of taxidermy and live specimens IS used to demonstrate...".

    You definitely need a native English proofreader to go over all the text before you go to press. Otherwise you'll embarrass yourself unnecessarily.

    If you don't want to pay anyone for this, I'll volunteer.

    1. I'm not sure that's an error. It sounds wrong to an American, but collective nouns are often pluralized in British English.

  5. Will this museum be a serious museum or another ark encounter?


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