Friday, November 1, 2019

Riddle Me This

Question: What's fifty cubits wide, thirty cubits high, a hundred cubits long, and is a Biblical home for all kinds of animals?

Answer: The new building of the Biblical Museum of Natural History! (Noah's Ark was three hundred cubits long, not one hundred. But the width and height are identical!)

This is the most amazing thing that I have ever realized!


  1. Congratulations and much sucess ahead!!

  2. In that case, here's a riddle for next week:
    What day in the Jewish calendar commemorates Avraham's trip to Mitzraim?

    A Sara-b'tevah!

  3. Great! I bless you to make it 3 times bigger. But of course it depends whose cubit you're using

  4. If you want to really experience historical hooey, go to the real cubit contrivance. Whose mishugaas is more loony?

  5. Mazal tov! Can't wait to see it in person.

  6. Could you not find a more accurate depiction of the Tevah. What are all those windows for? Not in my Bible.....

    1. Does your Bible say how many windows? The Torah doesn't mention it, so there could have been one or many. Noah is told to build a tzohar, but that word has many different interpretations; the word chalon does not appear until afterwards. The fact that only one is mentioned does not mean it was the only one.

  7. That is some structure. Could handle most of Noah's animals, I'm sure.

  8. "This is the most amazing thing that I have ever realized!"

    I beg to differ. Maybe the hardest not the most amazing.
    Just like the Maharal's most amazing act was his seforim not his Golem, I believe your most amazing act is your seforim not your building.


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