Thursday, November 7, 2019

Be Our Friend!

Great news for people in the NY/NJ area! We have decided to do a special event in Teaneck, a week from Sunday:

This is an event for those who join the Biblical Museum of Natural History as Friends or Patrons, and I will be presenting various fascinating topics relating to Biblical Natural History, as well as revealing some behind-the-scenes secrets of the museum! (And, yes, there will be some small but very special exotic edibles, though this is not a "food" event.) Please RSVP to I look forward to seeing you!

(If there's interest, we might also repeat the event the next night, in the Five Towns.)

And even if you can't make it, perhaps you'd like to become a Friend or Patron of the Museum? It's a way to really make a difference. Sign up, and I'll give you a call!


  1. Rabbi Deutsch from the living Torah museum has put out a video of himself inside a cage with lions BEFORE feeding time and the lions haven't devoured him. He claims if one is not fearful of lions they won't attack or eat you. The reason being since we are created in the image of God and they sense this hence they won't attack. It is only those who have "lost" their tzelem elokim that need to fear.

    Can you explain this in a rational way? Why was it not a big deal then, that the Lions didn't consume Daniel in the den?

    1. PLS post video link. BTW Numerous gentiles have been in close contact with lions, bears,other wild animals and emerged with not a scratch. How to explain that ? ACJA

    2. Do their stories need explaining also? If they do post their videos also.
      The usual YA

    3. It’s not a science-violating miracle when a lion declines to eat a given person on a given day. R’ Slifkin’s _Encyclopedia_ Vol. 1 discusses this concept in great detail, no need to re-hash here. The ‘81 _Big Book of Jewish Humor_ cites R’ Tanhum in San. 39a! But as a general lion-safety principle, how convenient - if some shlemazel tries this stunt and gets eaten, nebach he just didn’t have emunah! Would this work with snakes too?
      Some anti-rationalists might similarly suggest that if Col. Patterson had treated the lions of Tsavo as peace-partners and not feared them, they would have miraculously turned vegan instead of killing scores of men.

    4. I would discount this person for the following reasons:
      1-Trying to demonstrate that he is special enough to warrant the 'tzelem Elokim' which he must assume not everyone has. Nu, everyone has a tzelem Elokim, and his 'demonstration' is ga'avah.
      2-Putting himself in a situation of sakana.
      3-Influencing others to put themselves in a situation of sakana.
      These are red flags that something is seriously amiss.

    5. Simple: The lion wasn't hungry. That's pretty rational.

  2. I would actually want to see the video before deciding what he did or motives.

    The usual YA


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