Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I Messed Up

I really messed up in my last post. The question of whether people in kollel who are in dire straits are helped by giving them a bigger kollel check is one to be discussed in the abstract - not in reference to a particular good-hearted neighbor who is working this week to help people. Sometimes I get so caught up in making a point that I forget the basics. I'm sorry.


  1. In other news, you got a shout out from Dr. Henry Abramson in his latest lecture on the Jews of Italy series

    Minute 34

  2. I messed up as well. I apologize to you Natan and everyone else here whom I have insulted or caused hard feelings to.

    Happy Purim to you all!

  3. Kol hakavod and chag sameach!

  4. I'am messed up from a messed up system

    1. To be honest any path I would of taken I would of messed up

  5. ישר כח שאתה יודע איך להגיד את זה בלי תרוצים ובלי הסתייגויות

  6. a particular good-hearted neighbor who is working this week to help people.

    Who's to get the bigger kollel check, he or they?

  7. A Lonely InterpretationMarch 22, 2019 at 6:37 PM

    If I may interrupt, I finally came across an interpretation of Pesachim 94 that reconciles it with science: ff.

    This is a novel interpretation that, as far as I know, is not found in any other commentary, who indeed say the opposite. But it's no Yom Tov for TCS lovers – in that it should allow TCS to offer a novel interpretation regarding lice that goes against all Rishonim. The context of Malbim is reconciliation. Nowhere does he contest those who would allow Chazal an error, if they declaim their awe for them (which of course the Rishonim do). The context of TCS is extermination, and the terrible delusion that the very Rishonim ob”m aren't in its cross hairs.



    PS I see that Purim is, as the mystics say, to be associated with Yom Kippur. So much Teshuva going on! ;)

  8. "one to be discussed in the abstract
    Are All Posts retroactively only applicable in a vacuum but nothing to do with the real world actually?


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