Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Celestial Menorah

On the eve of Chanukah, Mr. Lee Samson, chairman of the museum foundation (and also my father-in-law), took this extraordinary photograph of a natural menorah formed in the Jerusalem sky by the clouds refracting the sunlight. If I didn't personally know the person who took the photo, I would be certain that it was photoshopped! And the timing makes it doubly amazing!

(Cue discussion about whether this is an example of a supernatural intervention, or merely a wonderful natural phenomenon with coincidental timing!)


  1. Natural? There is nothing natural about it - chemtrails!!

    Poe’s law disclaimer...

  2. Unusual cloud formation in Montgomery resembles glowing angel in the sky
    ABC Eyewitness News

  3. If you think there is anything supernatural about this, then I have a slice of burnt toast with Jesus'likeness thereon which I'm willing to sell you on E-Bay for a reasonable sum.

    1. The question is whether one is permitted to derive benefit from a piece of burnt toast with the supposed likeness of an avodah zarah on it. Or perhaps we can be lenient because the burnt toast is an adornment for the avodah zarah?

  4. I saw something similar on Dec 2 last week in Bet Shemesh. It's called a "sun dog" or "mock sun". It appears as a very bright spot to the sides of the sun. It didn't take on the appearance of a menorah because the clouds weren't that shape. The well understood scientific phenomenon lasted at least 10-15 minutes. I've seen them on many occasions- probably more often than proper rainbows. So nothing miraculous here at all.

  5. Are you sure that this was not a performance put on by say IDF or some other natural entity ? Does this happen every Chanakuh or or just once ? Does it happen only by Chanakuh or perhaps other days ? ACJA

  6. So the branches of the menorah were indeed diagonal after all. Alas, lo bashamayim hi, so the debate rages on...


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