Saturday, August 4, 2018

Wonders of the California Coastline

"Here is the great and wide sea, where there are innumerable creeping things, creatures small with great" (Tehillim 104). I was fortunate to take some incredible walks along the California coastline this week. Check out these pictures of a heron fishing amidst a spectacular sunrise, mating crabs, the carapace of a king spider crab that I found, and a goose-neck barnacle, which was once thought to actually be a baby goose, growing on the shoreline! (It's worth enlarging the pictures of the crabs, to make out the fabulous detail of their coloration and design.)

I was with a large family group, and many of them said to me, "How on earth does it happen that you always find these amazing things?" The answer is that I keep my eyes open!


  1. Isn't watching animals mate asur?

  2. I just want you to know, that you inspired me to take my family to a tide pool yesterday. We spent an hour an a half driving to Malibu. When we got there, there was no parking and had to turn around and find another beach. Turning around caused us to sit in even more traffic. We finally got to Malibu Lagoon. The tide had risen and it was too late to see anything. When we finally left, there was even more traffic on Pacific Coast Highway, particular after the accident. After yesterday I vowed I am never going to Malibu again.

    Thank you.

  3. I actually meant my question seriously. You are a rabbi, so I presume you wouldn't do anything wrong. But I remember learning quite clearly that watching animals mating is assur. Is that just a machmir opinion?


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