Saturday, August 18, 2018

Corbyn is no Peace Broker

Once again, people are missing the main problem with Jeremy Corbyn.

This past week saw a furor erupt over the photo of Corbyn apparently laying a wreath near the graves of the Munich terrorists in Tunis. It played out as an argument regarding whether or not he was aware that those were in fact the graves of the Munich terrorists. There's been lots of arguing about where exactly he was standing, and what he was told about those he was honoring.

But all this should not distract us from the bigger and much more black-and-white problem with his Tunis visit and how he portrays it. Corbyn, a winner of the Se├ín MacBride Peace Prize, claims to be all about bringing peace to the world. With regard to the Tunis event, he says that he was there in order to "search for peace in the Middle East." He stated “I was there because I wanted to see a fitting memorial to everyone who has died in every terrorist incident everywhere because we have to end it. You cannot pursue peace by a cycle of violence; the only way you can pursue peace [is] by a cycle of dialogue.”

But this is a blatant falsehood. A lie. Jeremy Corbyn is a liar.

Jeremy Corbyn does not "want to see a fitting memorial to everyone who has died in every terrorist incident everywhere." He has no interest in seeing memorials to Jews who die in terrorist incidents; heck, he won't even visit Yad Vashem. He has never laid wreaths at the graves of Israelis killed in stabbings or bombings. He has never spoken out in sympathy for Israelis living under the terror of rocket attacks.

More fundamentally, Corbyn is not some kind of international peace broker, a British version of John Kerry, trying to get all sides to engage in dialogue rather than warfare. Rather, he straight-out supports one side: the Palestinian side, including its most militant components. He hates Israel even more than he hates America; he never has anything good to say about Israel and only mentions it to condemn it. He doesn't make any attempt to speak with Israelis and understand their perspective. And when he speaks with Palestinians, it is to offer support rather than to encourage them to forgo violence. He doesn't speak out against Hamas' tactics of targeting civilians while hiding their own combatants behind civilians. Instead, he actually encourages them to continue this practice, by condemning Israel rather than Hamas when the inevitable civilian casualties occur.

It's bad enough that Corbyn prefers regimes built upon fear and terror to free countries. But at the very least, he should not get away with pretending otherwise, and portraying himself as a man seeking to bring peace to the world.


  1. No question that he is evil.

  2. Adam from ManchesterAugust 19, 2018 at 1:33 PM

    He is exactly the same vis a vis the IRA. The trouble is that nobody under 40 cares about these issues.

  3. I saw a claim on Twitter today that not only does he not meet with Israelis, he has never met with anyone from the PA.
    As an American what most concerns me is how Corbyn defense has established hatred of Jews as acceptable for what seems to be a large segment of Labour.

    1. "I saw a claim on twitter today" - what a way to start a comment!

  4. So I think everyone is missing the bigger point right now. As of today the biggest issue dominating the UK political scene isn't Israel. It isn't even Trump. It's Brexit. The average UK'er is worried about Brexit, the economic fallout, and how it'll affect their ability to keep their larders well stocked. It should not come as a surprise that when the Brit's look at politicians they look at whether or not they think they will prosper under any of the choices. Corbyn could come out tomorrow with a SS uniform on and release "Hitler: Where He Went Wrong With The Jews And How I'll Get It Right" but if he runs a decent campaign and the Conservatives continue to tear themselves apart he'll be the next PM because - and this should not be a surprise - no one will think his Jew hatred disqualifies him from running the country.

    1. Despite a great deal of looking, no-one has found a jot of evidence that Corbyn has 'Jew hatred' or even that he has expressed any animosity whatsoever to the many Jews who have been a disproportionately large part of the British Left for his entire political career.

      What has been found is that Corbyn has a consistent record of support for violent, left-wing terrorists, many of whom are open racist exterminationists who seek to attack functional countries and replace them with non-functioning countries. The difference between Corbyn and his political enemies, including those in the Fakeservative party is only his degree of consistency. Mandela was a communist terrorist whose wife was so bizarrely sadistic that there is recorded footage of her boasting about putting tyres round people's necks and setting them on fire. The country he took over once gave the world it's first heart transplant* but its only recent innovation is finding new ways to use retroviral drugs we pay for to spike their heroin. He has a statue outside parliament.

      The simple truth is that Britain is just a very left wing place. The vast majority of the population accept uncritically absolutely every single one of the moral premises of communism and the only thing that stops the place tipping over is residual pragmatism, unprincipled nimbyism and 'common sense'. So, the only critique a Briton can make of Corbyn is that he is not pragmatic and he has no common sense, which is true enough, but doesn't really pack a punch. The anti-semitism bruhaha is way of trying to find a powerful critique of Corbyn which is compatible with the communist moral beliefs of the ruling class and most of the electorate. It's not working because it's obviously not true. British Jews should give up and do something useful, like teshuva for the major role they have played in pushing Britain to the brink of the abyss, or just coming home where they belong.

      * Remind you of any hasbara memes you may have heard?

    2. "Mandela was a communist terrorist". And after his ascendency, we know how South Africa became a communist nation attempting to spread terror throughout the world in order to foment the worker's revolution.

      Just say what you think: Mandela ended apartheid and, unlike all the apparently stupid idiots around you, you are pro-apartheid.

    3. It is a fact that Mandela was a communist and it is a fact that Mandela was a terrorist. It is also a fact that there are multiple cases of recorded footage of his then wife singing in public about putting rubber tyres around people's necks and setting them on fire. It is also a fact that after he 'freed' South Africa, life-expectancy declined by a decade and it became a country with the highest recorded rate of 'peacetime' violence in the world. It is also a country where people are daily murdered in almost incomprehensibly gruesome ways, where one third of men [!] are rapists, where the Minister of Health said that olive oil and lemon juice can cures AIDS!

      And he has a statue outside the House of Commons and former'Conservative' Prime Minister David Cameron said he was the historical figure he most admired. Which is odd if you reflect on it a bit.

    4. Just say what you think: Mandela ended apartheid and, unlike all the apparently stupid idiots around you, you are pro-apartheid.


      nothing justifies terror, even apartheid.

  5. On Garnel Ironheart's point above:

    If the UK voters outside the Labour Party core group detested antisemitism, I doubt that Brexit concerns could move them to vote for Labour now under his leadership. The reality is that many of them are also antisemitic in varying degrees, whether openly or not.

  6. I think the small number of comments to this post reflects the fact that Britian really is not that important anymore.


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