Sunday, April 29, 2018

This Is It!

Dear Readers,

This is it! An incredible opportunity is here. The Biblical Museum of Natural History finally has the opportunity to purchase a proper home! We are poised to acquire a magnificent new building, right by the entrance to Beit Shemesh, which is six times larger than our current facility, and far more prestigious! And we have generous donors willing to QUADRUPLE the donations that we receive over the next three days - if we raise $400,000, that will become 1.6 million dollars! Check out the terrific video at our campaign page - with a view of the building, and messages from some very special people!

If you read my writings, then it probably means that you value teaching people to have a greater appreciation of the natural world and the natural sciences, from a Jewish perspective. This is the way that you can be a part of it! We inspire and educate tens of thousands of people, from all sectors of society - in fact, we probably have the widest reach of any educational institution in Israel. With your help, we can increase that from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands!

Please join us in turning this vision into reality! Click on this link to go to our matching donation page. You can also write to us for details of specific exhibit dedication opportunities for larger donations.

Whether or not you are in a position to donate, please help spread the word. Forward this link,, to your family and friends, tell them that you think it's a great mission to support, and be a part of making this happen!

Thank you for your support!


  1. When I worked at the American Museum of Natural History (in the library), I was told that what we see in the museum is really only 2% of all the findings that they could exhibit. (The rest is stored away in places that only employees of the museum can enter.)
    That the Biblical Museum of Natural History has enough exhibits to fill a area six times its present size is quite impressive!
    -Yehudah P.

  2. Can we contribute to Torah & Nature Foundation or is there another IRS approved tax exempt organization we Americans should be contributing to?

    1. Yes, this is an IRS approved tax-exempt organization. When you donate through the link above, you will receive a proper receipt. Thank you!

  3. Lol. Why do you post only pictures of Israeli chareidi kids? I guess the reason is obvious. You do know these people don't read english? Not much of a haskama for your programme.

    1. "These people"? I guess Rabbi Slifkin (and most readers of this blog) simply have more respect for Israeli haredim than you do...

    2. Why not post pictures of Israeli Chareidi kids? Do you object to the Israeli part, or the Chareidi part? Because I very much doubt he gets large groups of school kids from outside the country. Why does it matter if they read English?

  4. Congratulations! Wow, very exciting. And so much sooner than I would have ever guessed.


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