Sunday, April 22, 2018

All In A Day's Work

The main guide at the Biblical Museum of Natural History was away today, so I led the tours. Among the visitors today were: 
  • A German Christian family spending some time in Israel who were returning for their second visit in three months, because they loved it so much;
  • An Asian visitor who wrote the first 5-star review of the museum in Chinese (at least, it looks Chinese to me);
  • A Californian Jewish retired couple with their children and grandchildren that they came to visit;
  • An Israeli Arab learning to be a tour guide who was so fascinated that he bought The Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom and asked me to inscribe it;
  • Several other tour guides, one of whom mentioned that of all the museums he's been to in Israel, ours is the best;
  • And an ultra-charedi principal of a cheder in Beitar who came to check out the museum, and liked it so much that he is sending 120 children. 
Stay tuned for a major announcement about The Biblical Museum of Natural History coming next week!


  1. We had a great time when we were there! I wish I could post my daughter holding the snake. Mrs.LFD got a kick out of trying all of the shofars, but would never let me post those picts. Her cheeks looked like Louis Armstrong! (Not that I looked much better).

  2. Is there an issue posting a cross?
    If not, can you please explain the reason?
    Thank you.
    (I'm asking seriously, not to attack.)

    1. It's a problem when it's for idolatry. But not when it's just symbolic. E.g. in the logo on Swiss Army knives.


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