Wednesday, November 29, 2017

O Canada!

Extra points if you can guess where on the Canadian border
I am at in this picture. Clue: An animal named Buck
Tonight I head out to Canada for a week; more specifically to Toronto, a very different part of Canada to that which I briefly visited in the photo on the right. My schedule is as follows:

On Shabbat, I will speaking at BAYT, with a Motzai Shabbat multimedia presentation on "The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought."

Sunday evening is a special private event for the museum, at which I will be speaking on the topic of "Rationalist Judaism vs. Biblical Natural History," with an introduction by Rav Shlomo Miller. If you'd like to attend, please email (Please be aware that this is a fundraising event!)

On Tuesday evening at 8pm, I am speaking on the Chicken Wars at Shaarei Shomayim.

If you'd like to contact me about a private meeting, please email me at


  1. Is the R Miller thing a joke or was he really going to give an intro?

  2. The Shaarei Shomayim lecture is not listed online... when is it?

  3. The Yukon somewhere? As in Buck from Call of the Wild?

  4. You are not doing yourself any favors with this constant leitzonus. Try and come over as a bit more professional. "Where Rabbis Quack" is another example.

    How would you feel about a scientist or lawyer who consonantly uses immature language and style about his professional opponents?

    1. I suspect you don't know a whole lot of scientists or lawyers.

    2. Or even a president who talks and acts like a the way Canada's prime minister has mad cannabis legal...COME ON DOWN CHAVERIM, PLENTY FOR ALL!
      O' Canada, our home and native land...cha cha cha!

    3. I very much appreciated your leitznous last night at Shaarei Shomayim for the Chicken Wars lecture. In unrelated news, I promised my kids I'd take them to see the new Star Wars movie next week in honour of Chanukah.

  5. Everyone on RSM's side is upset & everyone on RDNS's side is confused or amused, no?


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