Monday, October 9, 2017

Coming to America!

(The Feast of Exotic Curiosities was amazing! A full write-up will be forthcoming, but meanwhile you can see a gallery of photos from the event at this link.)

Next week, I am coming to America. For Shabbat parashat Noach, October 20-21, I will be speaking at Great Neck Synagogue. The following Shabbat, October 27-28, I will be speaking at Baron Hirsch Synagogue in Memphis. In between those engagements, I will be in New York, available for lectures and fundraising meetings. If you'd like to host an event for The Biblical Museum of Natural History, please be in touch! (I might also need a place to stay that week, preferably in the 5 Towns area - if you can help out with that, please let me know.)

My next schedule trip abroad is in December, to the BAYT in Toronto, and possibly also to London.

Meanwhile, the museum is very busy this week, but there are still some open slots, so if you're in Israel, book your tour! We also have a Sukkah available - two, actually, to meet everyone's needs:

Chag sameach!



    Neil Diamond Coming To America


    better video
    Neil Diamond Coming To America

  3. I thought that the Museum tries to accommodate everyone. That sukkah looks Pasul according to the Chazon Ish.

    1. No, its kosher... it's ten of the lizard's tefachim so it is a kosher sukkah, but only for a lizard.

    2. Pace S: is that an interpretation of "nishtaneh haTevah"?

  4. if you do make it to london, we would love to hear you at the central square minyan in hampstead garden suburb. how do i message you privtely?


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