Sunday, October 16, 2016

First Photos from the Banquet!

Here is the first batch of photos from the Feast of Biblical Flora & Fauna at the Biblical Museum of Natural History! Thank you to our amazing photographer, Mordechai Gordon (, Yehuda Schwartz for the stunning setup, and Chef Moshe Basson for the incredible food! The book that we published in conjunction with the banquet is available at the museum office for 50 NIS. Enjoy the photos! And if you haven't visited the museum yet, book your tour now at!





  1. Truly awesome, and looks beautiful. I've always felt bad I missed Ari Zivitovsky's exotic animals dinner when he held one around 15 years ago in NY. If you host a similar fundraiser in NY, I will try to be come in for it.

    (I read my youngest kids your encyclopedia over Shabbos. OK, I showed them the pictures. They really liked the ape with the computer.)

    GYT, and CS.

  2. Can you provide captions for the photos, letting us know what's being served?

  3. This post has been included in the 18 חי posts of the   First Havel Havelim of 5777.

  4. Please can you post the menu? Looks amazing.

  5. Also - please post captions.

    Any chance you can arrange a similar dinner in London ;)


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