Sunday, May 15, 2016

Going to Africa, Coming to America

I. On Wednesday night, I am going to Africa for two weeks. On the agenda is filming a new video, speaking at Mizrachi Johannesburg, and leading the annual Africa tour for Torah In Motion in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. My blog content and scheduling will thus be changing! If you're in Johannesburg and would like to buy any of my books, please write to me.
II. At the end of July, I am coming to America for about a month. On Shabbos July 30th, I will be speaking at the Jewish Center of Atlantic Beach. On Sunday 31st, I am so far open for engagements. After that, I will be based in LA. I have availability for scholar-in-residence engagements for Shabbos of August 6th and 13th (but probably not on the East Coast). If you'd like to arrange something, please write to me. Please note that the Biblical Museum of Natural History will be functioning as normal during that period - we have excellent guides - so if you're in Israel for the summer, don't forget to book a tour!


  1. Guiltily, I admit I first thought "why did you choose a picture of Idi Amin?" Then I realized, "wait, I saw that movie!"

  2. Maybe "Out of Africa; Coming to America" would be better. That way you get two movies in the title!

  3. Maybe you can get James Earl Jones to voice some of your Museum's videos?
    That would make for an awesome presentation!


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