Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Museum Is ROCKING!

This is an incredible week at The Biblical Museum of Natural History. We've broken all our records - most people in a single tour, most tours in a day, most visitors in a day. Below are some highlights from the past three days. There are still some openings for tomorrow and Thursday - if you'd like to come, call 073-213-1162 or email office@tevatanachi.org to book your spot!


This is our first visitor to be brave enough to handle a hedgehog without gloves

Making a new friend

A special encounter

AAAARGH!!! IT'S A HORRIBLE HAIRY THING!!! screamed the tarantula

Golden girl!

A young visitor enjoys one of our new video displays

 Mesmerized by a gecko

Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik with his congregants

Open wide!

Amongst the vilde chayos!


  1. It was a great tour with Rabbi Soloveitchik and Congregation Shearith Israel. Everyone had a great time. Thanks!

  2. I was in Israel for all of Pesach and the entire week before it, and I can tell you, the entire country is rocking. (Even though Pesach is not as big a tourist draw as Succos.) Throngs and crowds of people everywhere. Absolutely great to see. And I would add, we went to Chevron and Kever Rachel and all over Area B, and never once felt unsafe. What an amazing country.

  3. The top picture looks more like a tribble, actually


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