Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Museum is Rocking!

The Biblical Museum of Natural History is rocking this Sukkos! We have tours running continuously from 9am through until 7:30pm, and most of them are sold out! Below are some amazing photos from the last few days. There are still some spots available tomorrow, Sunday and after chag - if you would like to come, please use the online reservation system at

One of the guides, Tuvia, with a prickly friend

Say "Ahhh!"

Now those are big eggs!

Here's looking at you, chameleon-eyes

Goodbye quail

Alas, poor Yorick!

Now that's a Kodak moment

I thought that I was seeing double

Thanks so much to our incredible staff, including administrative director Maayan Steele who set up all the Sukkos arrangements, expert associate guide Tuvia Frankel, office manager Tehila Cohen, and all the wonderful volunteers. And thanks to all our sponsors, especially our major benefactors Shlomo and Tamar Rechnitz, Stephen Schloss, and Lee Samson.
Hope to see you all at the museum soon!


  1. Is that a skull of a sabretooth tiger in the corner of the second photo? And what skull is being held up?

    1. "Is that a skull of a sabretooth tiger in the corner of the second photo?"

      God forbid! There are no dinosaurs or sabretooth tigers in the museum. I try to stay away from controversial things.

      "And what skull is being held up?"

      Come to the museum and find out!

    2. I try to stay away from controversial things.

      Except for Shafan=hyrax :).

    3. LOL. In Israel, that's not remotely controversial. Actually, even outside of Israel, it's not remotely controversial, except in Mexico ;-)

  2. picture 2 with the chareidim looking at the skull skeleton, what animal is that from?

  3. Get a rabbit, that way some Orthodox Jews will claim rabbits are in Eretz Yisroel besides the pet shops. How about some live hamsters/gerbils, live birds, kosher and non kosher locust. Include a live eating demonstration of kosher locusts - of course only certain Orthodox Jews are allowed to eat them. This will certainly boost attendance. Have kosher locust for sale. Dont forget about Shimsone's jaw bone of an ass that smites 1000 men. Great job Zoo Rabbi.


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