Monday, October 19, 2015

On A Lighter Note...

Here's a great photo that one of our guides at The Biblical Museum of Natural History took during a tour that he led last week:

We posted it to our Facebook page with a request for suggestions for a caption. Here are some of the suggestions that we received:

"He says we should eat the apple!"

Garden of Eden Reunion photo

"I asked for a boa, not a boa constrictor!"

"I guess eating from the tree didn't kill us after all!"  

Feel free to add more suggestions!


  1. Harrison, I thought we'd finished with the Indiana Jones movies!

  2. are you sure it was a snake of youth and not a fountain?
    The eternal nation does not fear the long road
    "עם הנצח לא מפחד מדרך ארוכה"
    joel rich

  3. "Just act natural, Motek, and nobody will notice we're taking him home with us."

  4. Seems a little mean... Except maybe for the one about the boa. But obviously, I don't know the individuals in question, so they might be OK with a little jesting about their age.
    -Dov in MD

  5. indudablemente... Indudablemente esta foto se presta desde el principio para una situacion Refleccion sera' seriamente en pensar acerca de la iniciacion de la '' desobediencia " la que como resultante nos da respuesta a el sufrimiento en todas nuestras actitudes.


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