Monday, June 22, 2015

"Your Book Bores Me. I'd Rather Eat Someone."

In the following video, a lion reviews The Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom. He doesn't find it very interesting and prefers to bite his handler in the leg instead:

Others, however, did indeed find the book interesting:
"In The Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom Rabbi Natan Slifkin has produced a groundbreaking work of outstanding scholarship, vast erudition, and a truly engaging approach to an understudied topic. The work will be eye-opening for many, who had only a vague sense of the intense interest the Hebrew Bible and Judaism’s sages had for the Divinely created diversity of the animal kingdom. A wonderful book, magnificently produced, that should be on every Jewish bookshelf." - Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
(If you do decide to purchase the encyclopedia, I'd be very grateful if you could buy it from my website or from the museum website. The absolute worst place to buy it is Amazon.)


  1. Brilliant book!

    Is there any sort of ETA for volume 2?

  2. Wasn't this dangerous?

  3. Mazal Tov on your book and its wonderful reception. I look forward to seeing it.

  4. Congratulations on the publication and the beautiful haskama from Rabbi Lord Sacks!

  5. "The absolute worst place to buy it is Amazon".
    I am happy to buy it from your website if that generates more income for your institution. But isn't "The absolute worst place to buy it is Amazon" a bit harsh?

  6. Another point, don't you think that getting good reviews and ratings on Amazon may be a valuable asset?


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