Friday, June 12, 2015

Leopard Encounter

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  1. Thanks for giving me a heart attack!

  2. So what is the rule for leopards? As you long as you are involved in teaching others about leopards, they don't bite your arm off? So you have to keep recording no matter what?

    A Concerned Reader...

  3. I'd rather view them from a distance!
    Lawrence Kaplan

  4. Wow. He plays just like my cats play. The difference is that my cats weigh 10lbs and the worst damage they can do is create some minor scratches on your arm.

    Please be careful when playing with big cats. While they may be friendly and playful, they don't understand that their form of play can injure people. Even at 5 months old, this fellow looks like he could hurt you if he forgets himself.

  5. Daniel in the Lion den .vs. Zoo Rabbi in Leopard cage. Very entertaining and I know you are aware of the risks and are taking precautions. I suspect you are animal lover like me. Now a remarkable coincidence - over the past several days I had just started studying Leopards ! But not up close to a live one like you have done. I was at no risk.

  6. Be careful...

    Two words: Steve Irwin


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