Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bring a Group to the Museum!

The Biblical Museum of Natural History had an immensely popular Sukkot preview week, in which we received over 400 visitors, and front-page coverage in The Jerusalem Post! But now, after Sukkos, it's slow season. We would appreciate all the help that we can get in spreading the word about the museum. The museum is ideally suited to groups of adults or students in post-high school institutions. So if you teach in a yeshivah or seminary, or have a son or daughter enrolled in one, or if you are connected to any tourist groups,
please recommend that they write to and book a visit!

"Rabbi Slifkin did not disappoint. Combining his well known erudite knowledge of the animal kingdom with fascinating connections to תנך and statements of חז"ל, the museum tour provided for an edifying time. The hands-on opportunities made for an enjoyable experience as well. We highly recommend it for anyone looking for a family trip that is both meaningful and fun. We look forward to returning to this wonderful museum!" - Rabbi Dr. Howard Apfel

"We all enjoyed the museum, from age 8 to 51. It was just the type of tiyul we needed - close to home, educational, fun and fascinating. (My kids all thanked me for bringing them). May you have much success!!!" - Rabbi Hillel Horovitz

"Our trip to the museum was a perfect family outing - stimulating, educational and enjoyed by all. The rare and varied exhibits were not behind glass, enabling us to get close and even touch some of them. We highly recommend a guided tour of the museum to people of all ages." - Daniel Price

"The Biblical Museum of Natural History connected us both to Nature and to Tanach (and Chazal) in ways our modern lives often don't allow. The tour also reminds us of the rich wildlife that used to roam Israel-- even as we celebrate the country's renewal and resettlement, a museum like this reminds us of a lost world, in which daily life could involve encounters with lions, bears, jackals, leopards, and more. It's Torah, it's Nature, it's an enjoyable, informative, and illuminating experience for family members of all ages!" - Rabbi Gidon Rothstein

"The Biblical Museum of Natural History is fantastic! It was an amazingly fun and educational experience. I highly recommend that people take advantage of the fact that we have a great Museum located right here in Bet Shemesh." - Lenny Solomon


  1. Is that "the" Lenny Solomon, Rabbi? If so, maybe you'll get a Shlock Rock song out of it!

    Best of luck with your new venture

  2. R' Slifkin, have you seen?


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