Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's Over... For Some Of Us

Operation Protective Edge is winding down. Two of my three nephews serving in Gaza have already returned home. The pundits are discussing whether we won or lost. We managed to inflict serious punishment on Hamas, we destroyed the terror tunnels that they spent years and millions constructing, and with the current regime in Egypt opposed to them, it will not be easy for them to rearm.

But if it is a victory, it is a painful one. Even as our lives return to normal, we must remember that for many families, life will never return to how it was before. There are families grieving for loved ones that were lost, and families that will forever struggle with injury and disability.

We must support them however we can, and we must always remember our gratitude to them for the sacrifices that they made for us.


  1. Amen!
    "we destroyed the terror tunnels that they spent years and millions constructing"
    Let's hope ALL of them.

  2. What the hell the victory? Hamas retained most of its fighter, most of its infrastructure and large amount of its rockets. In addition it gained huge popularity among Arabic/Muslim world that will allow it to quickly restore its ammunition.
    But I don't understand the statement: "if it is a victory, it is a painful one". What kind of victory would you expect? If you ever heard about a war without causalities, please share. And if you claim you can be satisfied only with victory without causalities, you "pour out a water to a mill" (Russian slang) of the Left.
    Obviously, the demand "we must support them" is hardly can be denied.

  3. "We managed to inflict serious punishment on Hamas,"

    Is this a legitimate aim of the war, in your opinion?

    Because around 1000 death civilians might be unavoidable to protect a country, but they are definitely not justified in a "punishment".

    1. Exactly. Since this war is not rid off of Hams & Co once and forever, this is not "just war" but "sfihut damim be-alma", just massacre.


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