Monday, August 4, 2014

Fatah Claims To Have Murdered My Family

The Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades is the military wing of Mahmoud "Greatest Ever Peace Partner" Abbas' Fatah. They have a different version of events regarding what happened at my sister's house yesterday:

The military wing of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement - Fatah
Our belief in the right and the legitimacy of the resistance and to defend the soil of Palestine... thank God Almighty managed the Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades - Palestine from storming usurped Halamish near the city of Ramallah promptly at 5:49 pm on Sunday, 03.08.2014 AD. Fighters clashed with a group of Zionist settlers directly resulting in the death of 3 of the settlers and our fighters return to their bases safely.

We of the Al Aqsa Brigades warn the enemy we will hit them more painfully.
Fire with fire.... murder with murder by bombing and shelling

God is great and God praise
Resistance will continue until victory or martyrdom
Al -Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Palestine
08.03.2014 AD
(From here. Translation from ElderOfZiyon)

Now, although I am currently in Washington DC, thousands of miles away from my family, I am in constant contact with them. And I know with complete certainty that while they were lightly injured and traumatized, they were not killed. This is a fact that can easily be ascertained by anyone; heck, my nephew has even been posting about the incident on FaceBook.

Unfortunately, amongst Palestinians, there is complete and utter disregard for the truth. Even more unfortunately, the rest of the world does not realize that. The media will regularly accept Palestinian claims. I recall several years ago, with the Jenin operation, where all the media was freely accepting the Palestinian claims that 500 people were killed, though it eventually was clarified that it was only a tenth of that number. In the current conflict, the media will often "even-handedly" report Israel's and the Palestinians' versions of various events. This is even though that Palestinians have no accountability and freely make up whatever they want, whereas Israel, as a democracy with a free press, is much more careful about its statements.

The problem is that Israel is often slow off the mark in rebutting Palestinian claims. Often this is because the IDF wants to carefully investigate what happened. But this means that Palestinian claims about innocents being killed receive instant media coverage, while the correct reports come too late to counter the damage. It's important for people to document and publicize the Palestinians' complete disregard for truth.


  1. In fact, regarding the facts about the two "kidnapped" Israeli soldiers, Israel seemingly publicized misleading information, while Hamas' claims seemed to be more accurate.

    1. Hamas first said that they kidnapped Captain Goldin before the cease fire started. Then they said that Israel made the whole kidnapping up, and they aren't responsible at all for his death. What version are we supposed to believe?

  2. It's written Facebook, no CamelCase.

    Don't be too worried, it's when they claim to be victims that it's publicized.

  3. The Palestinians are now enduring yet another devastating defeat so they make statements like this in order to "boost morale".Joy at death and destruction are the only things that unite their society. Recall a few weeks ago when they publicized their "countdown" to a 9PM rocket attack on Tel Aviv and they were dancing in the streets at the supposed damage they were lead to believe they were inflicting. Everyone saw how they would go out in public and distribute candy to passersby after the 9/11 attacks or after suicide bombings in Israel.
    Palestinian society is dysfunctional , unable to provide a decent life for their peope, like the other Arab societies in neighboring countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Algeria are now or have been wracked with fratricidal slaughter in which hundreds of thousands have been killed, with Muslim/Arab brother killing fellow Muslim/Arab brother, with minorities like the Christians, Yazdis, Sufis and other being caught in the cross-fire. Had there still been Jewish minorities in these countries, they would be targets as well.
    Hatred of Israel is the only thing that unites the Palestinians and the HAMAS terror regime in Gaza keeps its people in a state of permanent mobilization in order to keep them from turning on one another and to keep their people's attention away from the millions of dollars their regime, as well as Abbas' regime in Judea/Samaria are stealing.
    That is the reason they come out with announcements like this. It is the only thing they can offer the people. Just a reminder-The Assad regime also kept its people in a permanent state of mobilization against Israel for decades in order to keep their tyrannical Alawite minority regime in power, but it finally collapsed and the people rose up against their rulers. Palestinian lies and terror will fail here as well.

  4. I have seen several presumably knowledgeable Israeli commentators say that HAMAS is supposedly "invincible" because they are fanatics and say they "worship death". This is ridiculous. The most fanatical fighters in the Second World War were the Japanese, but they lost the war. For that matter the best soldiers, man for man, in the world in WW1 and 2 were the Germans, yet they lost both wars.
    Fanatical fighters are NOT good soldiers, as tough as they may be. Good soldiers are willing to risk their lives but they don't "workship death". They view their job as being carrying out their mission. Throwing away the lives of the soldiers does not accomplish this. The Arabs, like the Japanese before them, view causing casualties in the enemy as the goal, but this does not win wars. Wars are won through intelligence, organization and massive inflow of resources in addition to having brave, resourceful soldiers. That is why the Arabs have lost every war against Israel.
    In addition, Muslim tradition as reflected in the Qur'an and other traditions teaches that Jews are cowards (they believe this since we abhor bloodshed) so they mistakenly believe that inflicting casualties will cause us to run away or collapse. Unfortuantely, unilateral capitulations to the Arabs carried out by supposedly "brave Israeli generals' like Rabin, Barak and Sharon, made the Arabs think that we were living up to their stereotypical vision of us. However, Jewish steadfastness through very difficult times like the Yom Kippur War, Arafat's suicide bomber war and the current conflict shows that Jews are actually very tough, resilient people. Once we demonstrate this for a prolonged period of time, the religious fanatics will become discredited and Arab society will move towards a modus-vivendi with us. In fact we are seeing the possible beginnings of this in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States who are pretty much openly supporting us. They may still dislike us, but they are more open about their interests and how tough Israel really is so I hope and believe this is the wave of the future, once we overcome this difficult period of murderous Muslim fanaticism, which in really destroying the Arab socieities of the Middle East, no matter how much Obama might admire them.

  5. Interesting. I`ve seen a few comments like this last one in the last while, all saying that the Arab states, or whatever they call themselves, are in terminal decline. The Economist even had a cover feature on it , a few weeks ago.If you look for it, saying that their past- and present- were poisoned. Even some Arabs are saying the same, that they despair for their future.

    As for Jenin., I remember a report from Amnesty International at the time said that there was no evidence of any massacre, and hat because the terrorists had no uniforms, they were indistinguishable from civilians.


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