Friday, May 16, 2014


I deleted the last two posts. An explanation will probably be forthcoming.


  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting for the explanation. Chazak ve'ematz.

  2. I think your explanation should be given immediately. Kaplan said what he said and then lied to try to cover it up. And you're helping him do that. Why?

  3. Lichvod Rabbi Slifkin, lyt
    Lichvod ha’kahal ha’kadosh ha’zeh, hadvekim ba’Hashem elokechem,

    I just got on line for a final glimpse at what I believe to be one of the most momentous RJ posts thus far, and see that it has been removed. I really would like to write a cogent comment, but feel I must dash something off before Shabbos in Yerushalayim.

    Rabbi Slifkin, what I remember most from the last post was the clarity of your point that this was all part of a bigger picture. In some weird way, this post relieved me of the turmoil of yesterday’s post. Yes, in a very powerful way, everything is part of THE big picture.

    Somehow, it got me to think that perhaps all of the craziness of the book ban, and what followed, was part of the big picture as well. (In the same vein as the Purim story, and Yosef telling his brothers, “ki lemichya shelachani Elokim.)

    It got me to wonder whether without the big picture of the big ban, this blog would have even been started, and that in some way your response to the ban might be able to serve as the ‘refuah lifnei sof hamakah’ . Rabbi Slifkin, it seems to me that everyone has been scared to speak out at the growing erev rav Rav within us, and for good reason. I wonder if you yourself would be doing so today were your books accepted in the ways they should have been.

    I was, and am still hoping, that the news of this week might perhaps be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m hoping that the sane, sincere readers of this site, and hopefully, the rational rabbanim amongst us may wake up and join in what I believe is turning into an “et laasot la’Hashem,” in a good way, and as a part of a process that will turn the next generation back to Torah l’amito.

    I saw on another site that Kaplan is claiming all this is part of a big lie. I hope you removed the posts temporarily, until this can be clarified.

    Rabbi Slifkin, there is no need to post this comment, if you don’t see fit, (though I may try to write it more concisely at another time.)

    Gotta run,
    B’haaaracha rabba, u’bchvod rav,
    Be’birkat Shabbat Shalom al Yisrael,

  4. This is the shortest post, no?

    Just wondering how accurate the "Reactions" tool is. On 2 sentences that you wrote, one explaining what has been going on the past few days, and the other letting us know that you will update us more fully, 21 people felt the need to log a "reaction"!

    11 people(!) ticked off that the 12 words that you wrote are "Kefira"! Do you not find this utterly absurd!? In your first sentence you say that you deleted the last 2 posts. How is this a denial of God!?! And your other sentence says that you might explain yourself. MIGHT! How on Earth is this Kefira!?! Yet 11 people(!) felt the need to tick off Kefia! Truely astounding!

    And yet 10 people also felt the need to tick off "Emes", but this too is quite absurd! You wrote 2 sentences explaining what is going on, and 10 people felt that that was Emes?! Replying "Emes" to your second sentence is irrelevant as you make no definite statement. The only statement they could be commenting on is the first sentence. But how would they know if you did or didn't delete the last 2 posts? In essence they are saying that whatever R' Slifkin writes must be 100% Truth. And I can personally attest that that is not the case. I am not at all calling you a liar, just by the very nature of the controversial work you are doing, not necessarily is everything 100% true. You must get SOME things wrong. (This in no way negates the much that you do get right.) And so ticking off "Emes" to this post seems to me to be a knee-jerk reaction: "Anything R' Slifkin writes is 100% true."

    I also find it hard to believe that 21 people "by mistake" ticked off the boxes in the "Reactions" tool.

    Also, just looking throughout the posts in May, the average number of "Kefira"s is 4. The 11 on this post seems quite abnormally high. Is this not a marker for who takes you seriously?

    1. Update:

      As of now, an absurd 71(!) people felt the need to tick off "Kefira" about the 12 words that R' Slifkin wrote! Quite astonishing! (Not to mention the added (as of now) 25 people that ticked off "Emes".) I think this post shows us insight into people's feelings of you. When faced with nothing (i.e. no subject matter) to comment on (not counting the rest of the comments to this post that are clearly talking about the issues that you state you might explain at future date), this post has been used as a quick meter for the "pro-" and "anti-" "Slifkin". Though the high "Kefira" rate should not demoralize you. I would hazard that far too many that are "pro", also have sane heads and are not childish enough to tick off "Emes" to 2 statements that have nothing to do with "Emes" or "Kefira" (as explained in my above comment).

  5. Rabbi Slifkin: I am disappointed in you. Rabbi Nissan Kaplan simply denied that he said what he clearly said black on white, and, what is worse, unjustly accused those who simply cited what he said and strongly criticized him for it--for example, YOU-- as being motzi laaz. That is, in his latest statement he both lied and libeled. You OWE us an explanation. I do not assign your posts marks, but for the first time ever I am tempted to label this post as "kefirah."

    By the way, I was shocked at Rabbi Kaplan's very low level of literacy.

    Lawrence Kaplan

  6. thanks. people are saying you have been got at.

  7. Adam from ManchesterMay 18, 2014 at 2:57 AM

    We do need an explanation, Rav Natan.
    I've already discussed it with people so will need to backtrack furiously if it was incorrect.

  8. so I would guess that either...

    a) 'THEY' got to you with threats, or
    b) You have bought into that phony 'clarification' of his. The 'clarification' only means that Rabbi Kaplan has gotten himself into serious trouble and he is trying to wiggle out of it. I listened to the shiur. It was clearly incitement to violence.

  9. I mean, seriously.

    Is Orthodox public leadership so weak that no-one (except for Rabbi Maryles and yourself) could offer any condemnation of what was said by Rabbi Kaplan?

  10. not sure about the headline but here is a pretty solid, sincere apology.

  11. too late you jerk. it's already spread even to goyim causing a tremendous chilul Hashem. you should have approached Rabbi Kaplan privately.

  12. Rabbi Kaplan said:

    "…On Shabbos I spoke to my kids, and I said that Rav Steinman spoke that lemayseh [in actuality], we have today Haman and Amalek, all this [Israeli] government, and really the way is to take knives and to kill them, just as with the Yevanim [Greeks at the time of Hanukkah more than 2,000 years ago]. This is what Rav Steinman said. You have to take a sword and to kill them. So why are we not doing it? Because, he said, I don't know yet who is the [suitable replacement] general who could run the war. But if I would know who's the general, we'd go out with knives. This is what Rav Steinman said. There's a war against religion... I explained this to my kids... then, in the middle of the meal, my kid, five years old, says, "Aba, we don't have a sword in the house, I'm looking... maybe a hammer is also good?" I was very happy, I gave him a kiss... I was so proud of my son, he's looking for a sword to kill all these government ministers..."


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