Friday, October 11, 2013

He Will Send Your Children To CONCENTRATION CAMPS!

I didn't want to post any more about the Bet Shemesh elections, but then I saw this week's Chadash newspaper. Chadash was started by Mayor Abutbol's spokesman, and solidly (and exclusively) supports him. This week, amongst the many pro-Abutbol and anti-Cohen ads was this monstrosity:

Yes, it's a picture of charedi children behind barbed wire, i.e. using imagery of a concentration camp. That's what charedim are presenting as depicting Eli Cohen's aim!

Sure, a lot of charedi supporters of Abutbol would roll their eyes at this ad. But it's strange that they don't mind being part of a campaign that is so hateful. Apparently it's only sins bein adam l'Makom that disqualify someone, not sins bein adam l'chavero. Besides, the same tribalism and siege mentality that results in an ad like this, is also found in most Abutbol supporters, albeit not to the same degree.

Eli Cohen isn't remotely anti-charedi. The Abutbol campaign is desperate to paint him that way, in order to rally people behind them. They keep insisting that he is a person that is inciting hatred against them and wants to destroy them, despite the fact that he clearly is nothing of the sort. The hate and incitement is coming from the Abutbol campaign.

In an ironic twist, one of the themes of Abutbol's campaign is that he is all about "love, not hate." I'm not sure how the above advertisement is supposed to square with that.

Coming up in next week's Chadash: How Eli Cohen wants to drink the blood of charedi children!


  1. Well, obviously if YOU are supporting Eli Cohen for mayor, the Charedim now understand why they do not want tovote for hi,

  2. What does it say in the text? I can't magnify it clearly.

  3. This type of disgusting electioneering makes Abutbul and his supporters appear extremely frightened that they are going to lose the election!

    Especially after such disgusting campaigning from them, I sincerely hope that their fears are fulfilled and they do lose the election!

    Shabbat Shalom,
    Catriel Lev

  4. I can't make out the small text, but for those who have trouble with Hebrew and Yiddish, the heading is "Weep, Mommy, Weep!" in Hebrew and in Yiddish, followed by an impassioned plea for a mass recital of Tehillim for which they will send out 1000 volumes of Tehillim, in order to assure that Abutbol will win.
    The ad ends with: "May it be exalted, His great and holy name--Moshe Abutol."

    This is really a collectors' item.

  5. Reminds me of VP Joe Biden who told blacks during the 2012 election "Them gonna put y'all back in chains" in referring to the Republicans.

  6. All of these election things have nothing to do with Charedi or Rationalist issues. They are just typical campaign literature, common to every campaign in every country, each campaign according to the local culture. Like your post about tribalisim below. It is not materially different than Obama supporters who came right and said that blacks should vote for him because he's black, and who cares about policy. And the Holocaust ads are on par with the Bush = Hitler literature we all saw from 2005-2008.

  7. What's interesting to me is the juxtaposition of "Yisgadal V'Yiskadash S'hmo Yisbarach" with Abutbol's name.

    Also, is there some distortion of Eli Cohen's name at the bottom from Cohen into something else? It is hard to read.

  8. This ad is only possible because haredim believe that all non haredi Jews are Goyim, and all Goyim are Nazis.

  9. We frequently (and rightly) accuse Palestinian politicians of delivering very different messages to Israeli audiences and arabic speaking ones.

    Here's an example of how Haredi politicians can do the same thing. One message in Hebrew to 'them' and another message in Yiddish to 'us'.

  10. How do you know who made this ad? Perhaps it was someone supporting Cohen and making this deliberately soo others make a mockery of Abutbol. Unless he himself says this or directly approves, nothing can be proven for certain. The rest is all propaganda.

  11. It was part of several pages of Abutbol ads that the newspaper received directly from Abutbol's campaign office.

  12. DF-
    So what if this is "typical campaign propaganda"? Aren't religious Jews always claiming they are supposed to have higher standards than everyone else, and that avoiding lashon hara is of prime importance? Don't I have a right to expect more from religious Jews?

  13. Lastyear -

    Sadly, your comment is accurate to a 'T'.

  14. Harry Said...
    You make a amusing point. Hadash has consisently refused to take ads from Eli's campaign (probably illegal), let alone publish an article or interview. Are they so afraid of debate?
    They finally agreed this week, charging >5x times the normal price for an ad (probably some halachc issur here too), agreed on the add (after editorial changes), signed off, received the money - and yes you guessed it - they did not print the add. In simple language, this is stealing. עת לעשות להשם הפירו תורתך!

  15. And the Holocaust ads are on par with the Bush = Hitler literature we all saw from 2005-2008.

    Precisely. This is down the worst level of democratic (small d) politics. In other words, shameful.

  16. Did anyone else notice in Thursday's daf (Pesachim 112a) that Rabbi Akiva advised his son not to live in a city run by Talmidei Chachamim? Seems like inyana d'yoma...

  17. Thank you for letting all to see what a disgusting abhorrent chilul Hashem the Abutbol's camp is. Thank you Moshe Abutbol and your campaign staff in reaching an all time low ( or should I say high) of Sinat Chinam. The truth is that this type of campaign is exactly why Mashiach does not come. I also want to mention that I believe that conecting Eli Cohen to putting Jesih children in barbed wire is so grotesque and unseemly that I personally will show everyone this ad and use this as an example of poor leadership, poor stewardship,poor fiscal management and this proves why Abutbol should not be the mayor. He has provedit beyond a shadow of a doubt. An all time new low .

    Rabbi Baruch Thau
    I am not afraid of your people !

  18. I notice how everybody is using this ad to say Charedim. And were complaining about sinat chinam. BTW is Eli Cohen is pro religious, then why dosent he become one? Maybe its not a priority with him, so why should religious issues be important to him also? Also a neighbor of mine was in the mercaz checking arba minim, and Eli Cohen came up to him,and asked him how to check lulavim. So my neighbor show him, not knowing there was a hidden camera. Later he saw himself in one of Eli's campaign posters showing Charedim who support him. I think everyone's hate for Charedim has blinded themselves of the oppositions I'm being generous with my words, "short comings".


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