Monday, August 12, 2013

The Other Jewish Hawking

In the new Jewish Action magazine, I have an article about hawking in Judaism. It reveals a fascinating dimension to rabbinic leaders in the period of the Rishonim. You can read it online at this link. Enjoy!


  1. What would be an example of prey that hawks might catch that would be kosher such that Rabbeinu Tam would cover their talons with silver shoes?

  2. Is the other Hawking Jewish?

  3. What are the Hebrew words for hawk and falcon, and do the sources consistently distinguish between them?

  4. Hershy, it appears not, but the "other" Hawking that is meant is mentioned in the first paragraph of the essay.

  5. Silver has noteworthy antibiotic properties. It is used in higher-end wound care dressings and incorporated into indwelling catheters today. As such, it seems to truly address the "poison" from the talons. Cool.


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