Friday, August 2, 2013

Riverboat Safari

I had planned my tour group to finish with a riverboat safari on the Chobe river in Botswana. It's the most wonderful experience. There are fish eagles, spoonbills, yellow-billed storks, crocodiles, buffalo, impala, waterbuck, and lots of hippopotami:

There are also an enormous number of elephants. Previously, I've seen them swimming in the river; this time, they were just grazing by the river's edge. We stopped just a few yards from where one was deconstructing a tree.

"If that elephant jumps, your career is ruined!" commented one person. (At each meal, as well as during the bus rides, I speak about various animals in the Torah. Last night's topic was the famous/ infamous "jumping elephant" topic.)

We also went on game drives, in which the highlights were a lioness, and one of the most formidable animals in Africa: a honey badger.

There's so much more to tell about the people, places and animals that I saw during my trip, but it's time to get back to Rationalist Judaism, so this is the end of my Africa posts. Right now I am in JFK airport, waiting to fly out to LA, having passed through Botswana, Zambia and South Africa since I got out of bed 34 hours ago! In LA, I'll be speaking at Young Israel of North Beverly Hills, Sephardic Synagogue, and Beth Jacob.

The "Zoo Torah"/ "Torah in Motion" Africa trip was a tremendous success. The trip sold out, and we plan to run it again next summer. If you'd like to join, please write to me.


  1. Honey Badger don't give a blank. He's such a bad blank.

  2. video alert. Please do not watch any viral video on honey badger does not care as it is nivul peh

  3. I'm pretty sure you are okay. My knowledge of elephant biology is not up to par, but I can confidently say with a knowledge of physics that even if the entire bulk of an elephant's leg was bone, it would not be able to distribute the stress of a landing in any way that would not cause serious fractures and dislocations.

  4. Hey mashgiach, if you read the stuff on this site you can definately watch the honey badger video.

  5. Welcome back. While you were gone, scientists cooked and ate hamburgers made from "beef" grown in a vat from cell tissue. This "beef" has no parents, no blood, and was not shechted.

    Is it kosher? Is it meat? Is it pareve? Can I put cheese on top? Now is the time for the Zoo Rabbi to wade in!

  6. "One hippopotami/ cannot get on a bus/ because one hippopotami/ is two hippopotamus."

    -Allan Sherman


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