Sunday, February 3, 2013

New York Lecture Tour update

Today (Sunday), I'm giving a multimedia presentation on "The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought" at Beth Aaron in Teaneck, at 2pm.

Here is the rest of my schedule:
  • Tuesday February 5 - Kingsway Jewish Center, Brooklyn - 8pm Lecture: "What A Jew Must Believe." Admission $10 non-members, $5 Kingsway members
  • Wednesday February 6 - Parlor meeting in Brooklyn, to discuss the Encyclopedia and Museum, and to raise funds. It is invitation only; if you are interested in attending, please be in touch.
  • Shabbos February 8-9 - Young Israel of Plainview 
  • Sunday February 10 - Afternoon - Two lectures at the Bridge Shul in Washington Heights - details on this flyer
  • Sunday February 10 - Evening - Lecture at Beth Hadassah in Great Neck, 8pm, The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought.

    1. How late do you expect the Kingsway Jewish Center talk to run?

    2. Thanks for the update. Kingsway did nit have the start times or the cover charge listed in their website. Looking forward to hearing/meeting/seeing you!

    3. Thank you for your presentation in Teaneck at Beth Aaron - even though I have read your books, I still found it informative - and entertaining! - and my kids were enthralled.

    4. Do you ever give talks in Israel, such as Jerusalem?

    5. I notice you are giving a talk in Kingsway on "what a jew must believe"
      I am also aware that your expertise does not limit itself to such deep rooted hashkafa topics as above but also to halacha as to the size of matza one should be eating today.
      You also have the confidence to decide whom to follow in an halachic argument as in your decision with the donor issue
      You also deem yourself qualified to give your "psak" on such wieghty issues as with opining that a quarter of a million tamudic students should close their gemorras and don berets.
      So my question is this: In light of what you yourself wrote on 18/09/10 that being an expert in one field of torah does not make one fluent in others are you saying that since you have clarity in biblical animals you also have fluency in hashkafa, halacha etc etc?
      That would not be practising what you preach, so am i correct then to assume that you deem yourself clear in the above examples of hashkafa/halacha that you feel you can give your psak and talks to the multitudes?


    6. I don't "give psak" - I state my opinion. As far as I am aware, there's no prohibition against that.

      The question is, of course, how much my opinion is worth. Personally, I feel that I only give my opinion on issues that I have analyzed carefully and that I am well-informed on - unlike certain other people. But of course, everyone must make their own judgement as to the value of the opinions that they read.

    7. Rabi Dovid G: What a nasty comment,

      Lawrence Kaplan

    8. Lawrence, can you exactly point out where my comment went nasty.
      Rabbi Slifkin for years has unleashed his venom on those he does not agree to, whether they are dead or alive in the most derogatory way yet you kept quiet.
      Yet here i am asking a fair question, in a very moderate and diplomatic way yet now you condemn me for being nasty.
      But perhaps i am biased and cannot be objective about myself, therefore R Natan i would like to ask you mechila in case i upset you. Sorry.

    9. You didn't upset me. Your first comment wasn't nasty, but I think that the second one perhaps was. You have things entirely backwards, if you think that I am most derogatory and venomous towards my opponents, rather than the reverse.

    10. Rabbi G: I cannot agree with you and agree with R. Slifkin that you have got it exactly backward. Rabbi Slifkin in light of the extreme venom that has been directed at him has almost always responded to and critiqued his critics forcefully but respectfully. A few times his rhetoric may have been overly sharp, but he generlally apologized afterwards. Moreover, as I believe the record will show, though I cannot vouch for all instsnces, while supportive of R. Slifkin, I have chastised him those few times where I felt his comments were too harsh

      Lawrence Kaplan.

    11. Lawrence Kaplan @ 1:06

      You clearly felt the need to have Natan's back and try to diplomatically express your own neutral view on this.... saga whilst your opinion wasn't even asked for. Yet you failed to respond to the question directed at you by Rabbi Dovid G. - "can you exactly point out where my comment went nasty". Do you think it is fair for someone to consider you nasty for offering your take on this never-ending controversy? Likewise, is Natan also nasty for disagreeing with Rabbi Dovid G.'s upshot?

      If you further disagree with what I'm writing here, that's perfectly fine, but if you agree it would be ethically correct and intellectually honest to take back your "nasty comment".


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