Thursday, January 10, 2013

February Lecture Schedule - UPDATED

Here is the schedule for my forthcoming lecture tour in the US, for lectures that are open to the public:
  • Shabbos February 1-2 - Ahavas Achim, West Orange, NJ
  • Sunday February 3 - Zoo Torah at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange - download flyer here. NOTE: This program may be cancelled. If you are interested in attending, please write to me.
  • Sunday February 3 - Congregation Beth Aaron, 950 Queen Anne Rd, Teaneck - "The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought" - Multimedia presentation 2-3:30pm
  • Tuesday February 5 - Kingsway Jewish Center, Brooklyn - 8pm Lecture: "What A Jew Must Believe." Admission $10 non-members, $5 Kingsway members
  • Wednesday February 6 - Parlor meeting in Brooklyn, to discuss the status of the Encyclopedia and Museum, and to raise funds. It is invitation only; if you are interested in attending, please be in touch.
  • Shabbos February 8-9 - Young Israel of Plainview 
  • Sunday February 10 - Afternoon - Two lectures at the Bridge Shul in Washington Heights - details on this flyer
  • Sunday February 10 - Evening - Lecture at Beth Hadassah in Great Neck, 8pm, The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you at the Bridge Shul!

  2. Hi Rabbi -

    Have you ever been invited to speak in New England or Boston specifically?

    Enjoy your trip!
    M. Singer


  3. I think so, but it's usually too much out of the way.

  4. Do you mean aabj&d (Ahavas Achim) in West Orange? We have a shul that used to be known as Young Israel, but it's small and doesn't usually host speakers, unlike aabj&d and Ohr Torah, the other large shul in town.

  5. Jessica,
    I'm sure Beth Israel would be happy to have R'NS stop in, I'll even give up my shalosh seudot time slot! Of course it is appropriate that any visiting Gadol's first stop in the US be West Orange AKA the vilna of essex county
    Joel Rich

  6. Can you maybe give a tour in the American Museum of Natural History?
    They have wonderful animal dioramas, dinosaur fossils, all indoors, and even a butrerfly zone thats kept at tropical tempurature.
    The perfect place to spend a winter day!

  7. I am very excited that you're coming to the Bridge Shul!!

  8. A Chosid from BelzJanuary 13, 2013 at 3:43 PM

    Regarding your request to host a parlour meeting to solicit funds for your Torah Encyclopedia.
    I just dont chap, you see just a couple of days ago you were lamenting how kollel yungeliet need to rely on the community to advance their studies, yet that is exactly what you are doing!
    At least by us in Belz we have over a thousand yungeliet studying material that a yid needs for his day to day living, which ultimately benefits our families and communities (we learn hilchos shabbos and nidoh)yet what major contribution to klal yisruel is there for someone to research wether mud lice ever exsisted.....?
    So who is to decide which area of Torah is important enough that one may morally collect funds for?
    And if its the vast number of yungelite learning thats bothering you, in a moment of truth would it also bother you if a thousand Bar Illan univisity students would research the history and identification of biblical animals....?
    You have some serious explaining to do

  9. Ah, I was wondering if someone would ask that!

    But there is all the difference in the world.

    Your learning in Belz is not serving any function for klal Yisrael. Whatever halachos you need to know for day-to-day living can easily be learned in a very short time, allowing plenty of time to earn a living.

    I, on the other hand, am not asking people to support me learning, to increase my personal knowledge. Rather, I am asking people to support a Torah project which is for the general good of klal Yisrael. (Obviously, those who believe that my writing is harmful will not be supporting it!)

  10. Jeremy, Stanmore, UKJanuary 13, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    oh my god,reading the post from the belzer chossid and your response reminded me of a Gemara i learnt once in with my rabbi.
    Seems Rabbi Yehuda once said "in all my life no one has ever won me over in debate besides for one woman"
    In my view no one has ever won RNS in debate besides for this chossid from belz!
    It got some brains back here in London working overtime! he had a strong point (especially his first one) and Rabbis Slifkins attempt to respond did nothing to settle us down


  11. Which strong point was that, Jeremy? When he claimed that everyone should finance him learning how to keep Shabbos?

  12. Jeremy, Stanmore, UKJanuary 14, 2013 at 1:12 PM

    Bob, our main concern was the first point of this Belzer chosid.
    If Rabbi Slifkin deems it morally correct for people to financially support him (and i definatelly do) in his research on the animal kingdom, why does he not feel the same way if "level headed businessman" decide to support people learning hilchot shabbat?Some people may just feel that jews learning the halachot of shabbat and niddah in depth may actually be more beneficial to our nation as a whole than identifying the leopard.
    Surely, every person should have his free choice where his charity should go to, yet Rabbi Slifkin calls these rich guys that support the Israeli kollels "indocrinated",
    thats what made some of us here feel that rabbi Slifkin did not give any satisfactory answer because......THERE IS NO ANSWER AS BOTH CAUSES ARE WELL JUSTIFIED!


  13. How does someone learning hilchos Shabbos in depth benefit the nation as a whole?

    (Of course, if he is a posek, or writing seforim, etc., then that is a different matter. But that is not what the Belzer chossid was talking about.)

  14. I might just be projecting the way things are in Chabad, but I get the impression that Belz also doesn't approve of open-ended mass kollel either--the learning of Shabbos and Niddah (and perhaps Issur v'Heter) is (probably) just for the first couple of years after marriage, 1) when the financial burdens aren't so great yet, and 2) so that the husband has a firm grasp of practical halachah, as the (spiritual) foundation of the home.
    Sorry to get off the main topic of the post, by commenting on a comment.


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