Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Lecture Schedule

Here is my lecture schedule, so far, for the summer. If you are interested in arranging a lecture in your community, please write to me at

Shabbos July 21: Cherry Hill, NJ - Congregation Sons of Israel
Sunday July 22: Morning: Two multimedia presentations in Cherry Hill, NJ. Download the flyer here.

Shabbos July 28: Beverly Hills, CA - YINBH

Shabbos August 4: Skokie, IL - Ohr Torah
Sunday August 5th: Morning and afternoon - Torah Tour of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Download the flyer here.
Evening: "Rationalism vs. Mysticism" at the Wi-Fi Building Synagogue - Beis Midrash Binyan Olam, 8170 McCormick Blvd., Skokie. Entrance donation $10. Download the flyer here.


  1. RNS i have just been reading up more on Rabbi Hirch and ended up on a site slifkin.opinions.blogspot.
    There he discusses rabbi Hirch and it bewilders me how you ommitted certain pieces of his writings.
    If you omitted this on purpose then i feel betrayed. Betrayed because I have been visiting your blog now for over a year and now i am honestly not sure i can beleive everything you say.
    If this was unintentional than maybe it would be wise to research a topic thoroughly before posting it for the public.

  2. The Hirsch letters are long. I posted the most relevant part on the blog. In my book, I discuss how Rav Hirsch was skeptical of evolution. In general, Rav Hirsch was quite reasonable in being skeptical of 19th century science. But that's not so relevant.

    In any case, I would never want you to accept something I say merely on my "authority." Always check things out yourself.

  3. Just FYI, Cherry hill is nowhere near NY. It's a suburb of Philadelphia, about 90 miles from anything that can reasonably call itself New York.

  4. Pinny,

    You should be sceptical of a blog that thinks two references are "countless" refutations.

  5. Rav Slifkin,

    When do you see yourself coming to Australia?

  6. Hey, I grew up in that Cherry Hill NJ shul's neighborhood. Sure it's technically part of the Philadelphia metro region but it's reasonably convenient to New Yorkers willing to drive the ~100 miles.

    Leave around 6 to catch the 8:00 am minyan at the shul or, dare I say, the 8:30 minyan at the breakaway Young Israel down the block.


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