Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What You Can Do

In the last post, I announced the development of The Jewish Museum Of Natural History. There are a few areas in which people might be able to help:

1) There are certain items required that can only be purchased in the US, England and Europe, and are too large or fragile to go into regular luggage, such as small display enclosures. If you are making aliyah from these countries and have space on your lift, that would be appreciated (of course, the space would be paid for).

2) A 501(c)(3) charitable organization needs to be set up in the US. If you have any expert advice to contribute regarding this, or can recommend a good lawyer - ideally, one who is supportive of the project and is willing to charge a low rate! - please be in touch.

3) Donations of unusual shofars, taxidermy, certain animals (if you live in Israel) and animal husbandry equipment, and of course funds, will be gratefully appreciated!

4) If you have any other ideas, or would like to be involved in some capacity, please be in touch.

If you can help with any of the above, don't notify me by way of the comments; instead, please email me.


  1. Question: Will the Museum be exhibiting flora as well as fauna?
    Gary Godlwater

  2. It's not my field, so I'm not currently planning that, but hopefully it will eventually expand to include it.


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