Monday, April 16, 2012

The Challenge of Blogging

Writing this blog has been valuable and rewarding in all kinds of ways. But I'm feeling quite strained these days over how many projects I am involved in -- my PhD, my encyclopedia, various publishing tasks, and other exciting projects, the details of which I hope to reveal soon. So I think that I'm going to have to slow down the pace of posting to this blog. If you want to be notified when new posts appear, you can subscribe by email using the form on the right, or set up an RSS feed.

Meanwhile, here are three pictures that I took over Pesach:

An Arabian oryx (probably the Biblical re'em) in the Arava wilderness.

My feet, being cleaned by "doctor fish."

An aerial view of Masada, which I took from a helicopter provided by Warren Buffett and piloted by Brigadier-General Ilan Hershkowitz.


  1. That's some B^!!$&*% man. Been waiting 12 days and I read this? You can't do this, noooooooooo its like taking drugs from an addict.
    Just kiddin (well maybe), but you do what you gotta do. Anyway you going to post the other monologues you havn't as of yett? (for example the Sefardic electricity one) and the others? Still waitin.

  2. helicopter provided by Warren Buffett and piloted by Brigadier-General Ilan Hershkowitz.
    Provided as a courtesy by your request based on aservice to Berkshire? Israel? the guy who sold WB the chametz?
    Joel Rich

  3. good luck on all your endeavours.

    and thanks for the beautiful pictures. i happen to be a extreme nature lover.

    i suppose someday you'll explain the caption below themasada photo.

  4. We can't wait for the revelation of the details!

  5. "...helicopter provided by Warren Buffett and piloted by Brigadier-General Ilan Hershkowitz."

    So many questions...

  6. It's a shame because I just recently hopped on the bandwagon of this blog. Then again, Rabbi Slifkin has been so prolific, I can read the archived blogs other resources, and that should fill the void.

  7. My dear friend Natan,

    Don't look at it as being strained, but rather as being overwhelmed.

    Besides, putting out a blog nearly everyday is (in a way) putting a strain on us.

    May I recommend twice a week.

    In this way we have time to contenplate on the issue more, and offer a better comment, and you have time to do your other very important work, from which we will all eventually benefit from.

    By the way, nice shots.

    May Hashem continue to help you do great things. Amen

  8. Halevay that a paragraph in the Israeli government budget could be found to help fund your projects.

    One or two blog posts a week might indeed be a good pace so that you are not overly "blogged down" and prevented from advancing other important goals.

  9. Yehudah P.:
    I did the same thing when I first discovered this blog--I read the recent posts, and then started making my way backwards to the older ones. Rabbi Slifkin has posted a lot of great material, but I finished it all too quickly and ended up creating a new void for myself. My advice is to pace yourself, perhaps savoring just a few posts each day.

  10. Wait a second--was the title of this post a deliberate pun on the title of your book, "The Challenge of Creation." I must know the answer.

  11. Please consider a minor posting on a weekly basis.
    Barring that, let us know the minute you are nominated for the Israel Prize. I'm certain that won't be so far off.

  12. "My feet, being cleaned by "doctor fish."

    May you have a refoota sheleima.

  13. Good luck with everything. I personally never understood how you could blog so often and do everything else you do. So while I really enjoy reading your posts, I (and I'm sure everyone else on this blog as well) fully understand if you feel the need to blog less often.

    My wishes of luck once again.

  14. What are those fish all about? Is this a rationalist or non-rationalist practice?

  15. With apologies to Oscar Wilde: Work is the curse of the blogging classes.

    Whatever you can fit in will be much appreciated.

  16. Maybe those fish aren't so safe:,7340,L-4216027,00.html

  17. Just curious, which school and in what field are you doing you grad work.


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