Sunday, November 13, 2011

London Schedule (so far)

Shabbos November 25/26: Golders Green Synagogue
- Details at this link

Sunday November 27th
9:30 am - Rationalist Judaism: The Unknown, Endangered, Dangerous, & Life-saving Approach to Torah
11:00 am - Shaking the Heavens: Rabbinic Responses to Astronomical Revolutions
Entrance Donation: £5 per lecture
Location: 44 Manor Hall Avenue, Hendon, NW4 1NX

8pm: Barnet Synagogue
Topic: "How (Not) To Be A Heretic: What Must A Jew Believe?"
- Details at this link

If anyone has a car and is interested in joining me for hawking/falconry (as reportedly practiced by King David and Rabbeinu Tam - details forthcoming in a fascinating study by R. Leor Jacobi) on Friday 25, please be in touch!

Note that I still have an open slot on Thursday November 24 - please be in touch if you are interested in arranging a lecture.

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  1. Impressed that all these shuls are inviting you to speak. Would have thought you'd have more of a hostile reception. Well done to the London shuls.


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