Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Lecture Schedule (Updated)

Here is my schedule so far for the summer. If you are interested in coming to Philadelphia for the weekend of July 23, I can arrange accommodations and payment for gas, if you can drive me there from Woodmere!

Philadelphia Weekend - contact markod59@gmail.com for more details:
Shabbos July 23: Congregation Bnai Israel, Philadelphia. Books available for purchase after Shabbos and on Sunday morning.
Sunday July 24: Afternoon: Torah Tour of the Philadelphia Zoo - download flyer here.
Evening at 7pm: Presentation on Dinosaurs/ Creation - Univ Of PA Hillel, 215 S. 39th St., Philadelphia. Entrance donation $10.

New York Weekend

Shabbos July 30: Young Israel of Jamaica Estates. Topics include the animal kingdom, evolution, and rationalism.
Sunday July 31: Torah Tour of the Bronx Zoo (Download flyer here)
8pm lecture at the "Einstein Shul": "Radically Rethinking Brain Death." 1925 Easchester Road, 1B, Bronx, NY 10461. Suggested Donation: $5.

Beverly Hills/ Los Angeles
Shabbos August 6th: Young Israel of North Beverly Hills
Sunday August 7th - Kehilla Academy of Los Angeles - "Shaking the Heavens: Rabbinic Responses to Astronomical Revolutions"
Wednesday August 10th - Kehilla Academy of Los Angeles -"How (not) to Become a Heretic: What Must a Jew Believe?"
Sunday August 21st - Details forthcoming

I still have some openings for weekday engagements - if you are interested in arranging something in your community, please write to me at zoorabbi@zootorah.com


  1. RNS, considering you were born and bred where I am in England, you almost never come here-why not?Is there not enough demand?

  2. I've tried several times to arrange speaking engagements in England, and it's never worked out. Hopefully one day I'll be able to make it to London, but it doesn't look like I'll be returning to Manchester.

  3. Can one assume Gateshead's a no no too?

  4. Why would you want to go back to Manchester anyway? To visit the rain?

  5. i think u meant aug 6 in beverly

  6. Hi Rav, you note that you will be attending Young Israel of North Beverly Hills for Shabbos. Are you also planning on speaking at the shul? I did not see a topic listed. Thanks!!

  7. Live fearlessly-davka go to Manchester for the sake of those Jews who do want to hear you there. If riots erupt, so be it.

  8. Are you also planning on speaking at the shul?

    Of course, that's the whole point! Shabbos morning drasha, and afternoon lecture on brain death; I think it's at 710 N. Alpine Drive.

  9. Doesn't a Shabbos morning drasha usually conclude with brain death anyway? :-)

  10. Hi, What is the schedule for the Young Israel of Holliswood (Queens NY)? I live about 45 minute walk from there, I would like to know besides the mourning lecture what time will the afternoon lecture be at? Also what's the rest of the schedule?

  11. It turns out that iy"h I will be in Jamaica Estates this coming Shabbat. Do you have a more detailed schedule of when you'll be speaking at the Young Israel? Thanks!


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