Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day of the Hyrax

Mazeltov! I just picked up the new edition of The Camel, The Hare And The Hyrax. Israel/UK online orders will be sent out right away. US orders will be mailed from the US at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.

Here is a rough list of the main changes from the first edition:

  • Better explanation of the difference between the Torah's classification system and that of zoology
  • Analysis of whether the list of ten kosher animals is exhaustive
  • Different presentation of the nature of the Talmud's "proof."
  • Discussion of potential arguments against the hyrax being the shafan
  • Much more extensive discussion of how the hyrax (and hare) can be described as chewing the cud, with a change of emphasis for my preferred explanation
  • Discussion of whether proboscis monkeys chew the cud
  • The topic of whether every fish that has scales also has fins has been given its own chapter with further discussion
  • More extensive discussion regarding exceptions to the Talmud's rule regarding animals with and without upper teeth
  • More detailed analysis of whether the "world" of the Torah and Talmud refers to planet Earth or a limited region.

The book should appear in stores in Israel over the next few weeks, but will probably not reach stores in the US until the end of August, which is after these topics have been covered in Daf Yomi. If you want to order it from me directly at a steep discount, do it now at this link:


  1. Soon to be re-titled "Day of the Cherem". New chapters will include cursing, stoning, burning and scattering of ashes :-\

  2. what are the shipping rates to the UK?

  3. $10. There is a button to order for UK shipping right under the regular order button.

  4. If he sees his shadow, does he crawl back under his rock for 5 more years?

  5. every time I try to order the book the website doesn't let me.Is there any other way to order?

  6. Trying to buy the book, but the paypal link doesn't work.

  7. Not sure if this is a major change or not, but the spelling of the author's first name on the front cover has been "updated" in this edition. :)

  8. The order link should work - if not, try from a different browser, or different computer.

  9. Speaking of the author's name, why doesn't it say "Rabbi"?

  10. I had the same problem with the link... appeared to be a security setting in my browser. Not sure how to fix it. Try a different browser (like FireFox) or a different computer.

  11. Speaking of the author's name, why doesn't it say "Rabbi"?

    I realized that common convention is not to include titles or qualifications on the cover.

  12. If I order from you directly will I get it before the daf reaches the sugyah?


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