Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lecture Schedule - UPDATED

Here is my lecture schedule (so far) for July/ August:

Shabbos July 17th: Young Israel of North Beverly Hills

Sunday July 18th, 8.30pm, at Young Israel of Century City: "Shaking the Heavens: Rabbinic Responses to Astronomical Revolutions." Donation: $10. Download flyer here

Shabbos July 24th: Shomrei Emunah, Baltimore

Sunday July 25th: Torah Tour of the Baltimore Zoo - registration required - Download flyer here.

Shabbos July 31st: Ahavas Achim, Fair Lawn, NJ

Sunday August 1st: Torah Tour of the Bronx Zoo - registration required - Download flyer here

As you can see, I still have availability during weekdays for additional lectures, if anyone wants to arrange something.
Also, if anyone can give me a ride from NY to Baltimore on Thursday July 22nd, or back to NY on Monday July 26th, please be in touch!


  1. Are Jewish New Yorkers brain dead? Why do I see no lectures planned there?

  2. Hi, do you know what you will be speaking about in Los Angeles?

  3. To writer #1, too many inept sites here, unfortunately.

  4. Can you be more specific as to Magen David talk on July 17? Is that the shul on Pico, or in Bev. Hills? What time are you speaking, and on what subject? Kol tuv.

  5. It's the one at 9717 West Pico Blvd. The afternoon talk is on the topic of Rationalist Judaism; I'm not yet sure about the morning topic. I am also speaking at YICC a week from Sunday, details coming soon.

  6. Could the RAv please post his email on how I can join his Torah Zoo Tour in da Bronx?


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