Monday, May 31, 2010

IDF Videos of Activists Using Violence against Navy


  1. But Israel is going to be condemned, not the terrorists on the boats.

  2. We have to stop complaining about media bias and the injustice of it all, and start playing the game smarter.

    By storming "aid" boats with commandos in international waters we played right into the hands of Israel's detractors. Even if the activists were armed with machine guns it could well have been seen as self-defense.

    Could there not have been a clever way to expose the alleged aid operation for what it was without having to pull a trigger or fall prey to their bait?

    Meanwhile this incident has put Israel and Jews around the world in potentially grave danger, arguably much more than if they had simply let the boats dock.

  3. Of course you have the right to moderate comments as you please, but I was slightly surprised that you didn't post my comment that read "so embarassing." Don't you find it embarassing that street rabble beat up Israeli commandos and threw them off the side of a ship?

    I can't imagine that other countries would have put their Navy commandos in such a position.

  4. I didn't post it because it wasn't well-written. It wasn't clear what you meant.

  5. David Bar-Cohen -

    "Meanwhile this incident has put Israel and Jews around the world in potentially grave danger, arguably much more than if they had simply let the boats dock."

    Did you mean they should let the boats dock at Ashdod OR let the boats go straight into Gaza without inspecting them?

    If they would have let the boats dock at Ashdod, which they offered to do, the militants could have THEN attacked the soldiers at port - same scenario, same mess.

    If they would have let the boats through to Gaza without inspection, they would be reopening the way for Iran to ship in tons of weapons to Gaza to use against Israeli cities (with missles reaching farther than they have hit before), like the Karin A boat that was thankfully intercepted.

    But yes, the game has to be played smarter. Israel needs a better funded PR system in place working round the clock 365 days a year. But then again, it's hard to beat the battle cries and lies of billions of Moslems who are fed propoganda (masquarading as news) against the State of Israel.

    Israel needs to do extensive PR in Europe and the USA. But who has the money for that? They are always short on funds.

    The history of the Palestinian refugees not being absorbed by neighboring Arab countries at a time when countries around the world absorbed millions of refugees (post WWII and well into the 1950's) has to be taught to the public (and even promoted as a current solution). The creation of Jordan and the refusal of mass Palestinian absorption into Jordan has to be taught to the public. The average American does not know that there are Palestinian citizens, living in Israel, and serving in Israeli Parliament. More university campus education needs to be funded. The Moslems pour millions into this, while Israel has a little yiddile sitting there at a table, with some flyers, if you happen to walk by.

    The Palestinians have the Israelis beat hands-down in the PR department.

    Sitting idle and then claiming "Anti-Semitism" or "Judeopathy" is simply foolish.

    The Pro-Israel PR needs to be worked on 24/6 and not just in times of crisis.


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