Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend Lectures in Brooklyn

Saturday February 13th, 8.30 pm
Sacred Monsters: Mysterious & Mythical Creatures of Torah, Midrash and Talmud
Sephardic Institute, 511 Avenue R, Brooklyn
Entrance Donation: $10

Sunday February 14th
Congregation Bnei Israel, 3190 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn
10am - Shaking the Heavens: Rabbinic Responses to Astronomical Revolutions
11.30am - Worlds in Collision: Of Bans and Controversies
Entrance Donation: $10 for one lecture, $15 for both

Books will be available for purchase (including The Challenge of Creation which is currently out of print, pending republication).
Please spread the word! You can download a flyer here.


  1. How does your discussion about bans and controversies compare to the academic work of Marc Shapiro?

  2. For those of us who live overseas and are isolated is there any chance of tapes of these lectures

  3. Let’s support Rabbi Slifkin on Feb 13 & 14

    We’ve all gained from this cost-free blog forum which Rabbi Slifkin has provided. Isn’t it time for us to “give back” now in some small way by showing our support?

    For those of us who live in the NY/NJ metropolitan area, going to Rabbi Slifkin’s lectures in Brooklyn on Feb 13 & 14 is a way for us to show our support.

    Even if we have heard these particular lectures before, attending them now is a way for us to give back and support his work.

    Between Motzai Shabbos and Sunday, let’s find some time in our busy schedules to show up.

    See you there.

    PS: You haven’t seen my screename here before because I’m generally a reader rather than a “commenter”. But I’m an avid reader, and enjoy reading all of your comments posted here in these discussions.


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