Friday, February 12, 2010

New Comments Policy

I must say that I was touched and taken aback at the comments to my earlier post about my blogging dilemmas. It was interesting how many people agreed that I should not freely post all comments. Anyway, after thinking about it, my conclusion is as follows: I definitely don't have the time for any more of those endless back-and-forths. I will also be more selective in general of which comments to post. I read all comments submitted, but if you want to ask me a question, it's always better to email me (or call me) rather than to post it as a comment. The comments section is for comments that contribute to the post. If you want to increase your chances of the comment being posted, here are the factors that will help (none are critical, but all help):

1. Use your real name. I don't want to make this a critical requirement - some of the best comments come from those who do not use their real name - but certainly if you are challenging me, I am not likely to give you a forum to do so if you are not willing to post your real name, just as I do.

2. Do not include links without a clear explanation of what the link is to (otherwise you are potentially wasting time for many people).

3. Use good English and full sentences.

4. Stick to the point.

5. Finally, preference will be given to comments that are in the spirit of the Rationalist Judaism enterprise, as I understand it. That doesn't mean that you have to agree with me. But I think that I am able gauge the difference between someone who disagrees with me and yet is operating within the same overall worldview and epistemology, and someone who disagrees with me because they are using an entirely different worldview and epistemology.


  1. Would you allow disagreements that, although coming from people with a different ideology, are argued from the point of view of a rationalist?

    Again, I'm not talking about disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. What I mean is fact-based disagreement within your worldview, even if its coming from someone who wholly disagreed with yours.

  2. 1. Use your real name.

    Does that mean I have to give also my family name, or will first name( as I give here) do ?

  3. Yosef - how would I know that it is coming from a non-rationalist?

    Tamir - giving your family name boosts your chances!

  4. Thanx loads for allowing anonimonity. Some people use anonimonity offensively, others use it defensely. I am very relieved to be able to continue to participate in your blog. Be well.

  5. "Thanx loads for allowing anonimonity"

    Ditto. I will try to follow the other rules, though.

    Regarding anonymity, and in the spirit of the Great Rationalist, and keeping to Rules #'s 2-4, I will simply say:

    "kabel es ha'emes m'mi s'homro!"


Comments for this blog are moderated. Please see this post about the comments policy for details. ANONYMOUS COMMENTS WILL NOT BE POSTED - please use either your real name or a pseudonym.

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