Friday, January 22, 2010

New York Lecture Tour

Here are details for my forthcoming lecture tour. I will be adding events to it as I finalize them. If you would like to arrange a presentation in your school/ community, please email me.

Sunday February 7th:

Morning, 10am – 1pm
The Torah Tour of the Bronx Zoo
Price: Adults $20, children $15 (does not include admission)
For registration (required), email
Download flyer here

Sunday afternoon at Washington Heights Congregation (The “Bridge Shul”), 815 West 179th Street:
2.30 pm
Sacred Monsters: Mysterious & Mythical Creatures of Torah, Midrash and Talmud
4.00 pm
Rationalist Judaism: The Unknown, Endangered, Dangerous, & Life-saving Approach to Torah
Entrance Donation: $10 for one lecture, $15 for both
Download flyer here


  1. Becareful Natan, there might be a protest against you at one of your lectures. There are some people trying to organize a protest.

  2. Well, as long as there is no physical violence, I don't see what harm it will do. I don't see the Bridge Shul as being intimidated, and I'm certainly not. Still, if you have any info that you can email me, I would appreciate it.


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