Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vandalism at the Ramon Crater

(Hat tip - Tom Rosenfeld)


  1. Some of us can't read Hebrew that well when it comes to more technical stuff and it isn't easy to see what word is below the crossing out. Is that crossed out word million?

  2. Well, I'll be the first to jump to the conclusion that the vandal was haredi (as opposed to Christian, Muslim, or anti-Orthodox scalawag provocateur.)
    I figure, why not?

  3. I guess he thinks that there were marine basins in that area 90 years ago (instead of 90 million years).

    What a kofer, we have testimonies from many seforim from 1920's that there were no marine basins in negev.

  4. Funny. I was just there with the family during Chanuka. During the movie describing the formation of th crater they kept talking about what happened millions of years ago. I thought how some people would just flip out listening to this.

    I guess someone did!

  5. Of course I agree this is ridiculous, but I assume that you don't know who did it. It probably wasn't one of the gedolim.

  6. I was there in the crater this past August with some friends of mine from the Asperger network to watch a meteor shower. Has anyone declared yet that we must believe that meteors are not extra-terrestrial objects, but rising gases like Aristotle claimed?


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