Saturday, December 19, 2009

EJF Update

On December 14th, EJF announced that Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtogel was taking over from Rabbi Leib Tropper as Chairman of the Rabbinic Committee of the Eternal Jewish Family. It also included an announcement by Rabbi Reuven Feinstein expressing enthusiasm that Rav Wachtfogel had agreed to accept the position. My sources tell me that there was also a letter from Rav Steinman to Rav Wachtfogel, wishing him success upon the appointment.

Four days later, on December 18th, published a letter from Rav Wachtfogel claiming that the "rumors" that he had accepted the appointment were "in fundamental error" and "utterly without basis."

I am glad that Rav Wachtfogel will not be accepting the position.


  1. Does Rabbi Wachtfogel prefer "Elya Dov" over "Ela Ber"?

  2. I just spoke to someone at EJF. He has accepted a position as chairrman of the board but is not running the organization on a day to day basis.

  3. The Tropper story kind of reminds me about the prominent Toronto (Thornhill) rabbi who was recently caught in an inappropriate relationship with a married woman. Why is this noteworthy? Because this same rabbi harrassed and slandered one of my friends for over a decade becasue he had a girlfirend while in Ner Israel Yeshiva High School. Let's just say that this Rabbi doesnt harrass him no more.

    But of course, the rabbi who was dating the married woman was quite clear on the status of his relationship. As he told his congregation in the first sermon after having been caught/confronted/confessed, he said: "The lines of halacha were only blurred - they were not crossed". Maybe Tropper can use that line, as well.

    The sad thing is -- the Toronto rabbi still "rabbinates"


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