Monday, December 7, 2009

Come Meet Me at the Bet Shemesh Book Fair

Beit Shemesh Authors book Fair

יריד סופרי בית שמש

In Memory of Charles H. Bendheim זצ"ל

Thursday 10th December 2009

יום חמישי כ"ד כסלו תש"ע


Come meet local authors and enlarge your library

בא להפגש עם סופרים מקומיים

R’ Pinchus Bar Giora

ר' פינחס בר גיורא

David Guedalia

דוד גדליה

R’ Dov Lipman

ר' דב ליפמן

R’ Natan Slifkin

ר' נתן סליפקין

R’ Jonathan Duker

ר' יונתן דוקר

Shoshana Kesner

שושנה קסנר

R’ Zvi Miller

ר' צבי מילר

R’ David Spektor

ר' דוד ספקטור

R’ Ari Enkin

ר' ארי אנקין

Dov Krulwich

דב קרולוויץ

R’Yaakov Montrose

ר' יעקב מונטרוז

Penina Taylor

פנינה טיילור

R’ Yehonasan Gefen

ר' יהונתן גפן

Eli Lepon

ר' אלימלך ליפן

R’ Haim Perlmutter

ר' חיים פרלמוטר

R’ Tal Moshe Zwecker

ר' טל משה צווקר

Gita Gordon

גיטא גורדון

Shoshana Lepon

שושנה ליפן

R’ Moshe Pinchuk

ר' משה פינצוק

R’ Karmi Gross

ר' קרמי גרס

R’Moshe Lichtman

ר' משה ליכטמן

Riva Pomerantz

ריבה פומרנץ

Menorat Hamaor Shul

6 Nachal Maor, Ramat Beit Shemesh

בית כנסת מנורת המאור, נחל מאור 6, רמת בית שמש

Refreshments will be served

כיבוד קל

(Note: My books will be on sale at a discount)


  1. Hi, I've been waiting for ages for a chance to purchase several of your books here in Israel, instead of having Amazon ship them overseas to me. Meches often creates problems when I try to do that.

    However, Beit Shemesh doesn't help me either. Not all of is live in Israel's English-speaking capital... In fact, some of us are quite distant from the center of the country.

    Is there any way to order them and have them mailed from Beit Shemesh to other places in Israel?

    In addition, it would be great to be able someday to have you come and lecture in Hebrew. Israelis could learn a lot from you too.

  2. For a moment there, this looked a bit like a pashkevil with R' Natan Slifkin as signatory...

    Hatzlacha in the sale!

  3. Hi Rabbi Slifkin,

    I'm sorry to comment off-topic, but I'm very curious as to how you relate to the current "Climategate" scandal.

    One of the more radical claims against a Torah & Science outlook is the fact that all scientists are anti-religious conspirators, trying to delegitimize the Torah. Until now, we've been able to laugh at such a claim, and set it aside without the need for response.

    Do you think that the discoveries made over the past week about the scientific community change that?

  4. When is/was the book fair, I don't see the date and time, is it just me?


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