Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Volunteer Wanted

I'm looking for someone to translate my critique of R. Schmeltzer's book into Hebrew. Any volunteers? Please email me at


  1. careful, because I think much of the nuance will get lost.

  2. I would tone down all the "simply nonsense" types of remarks. Although undoubtably true, I think it lessens the overall impact. Stick to objective facts and remove any subjective commentary.

  3. why dont you just use google translate?

  4. People have mentioned this in the past -- but it is absolutely true. Your review in Hebrew or in English will do little.

    What will work & have the effect you want is to write a book in the same exact style as Rabbi Schmeltsers. Show quotes from Gedolei Yisrael one after the next that say your various points.

    Because after all is said, despite all the distortions, omissions, & plain errors, Rabbi Schmeltser DOES have a nice number of interesting sources that DO portray his position (or at least one close to his if not as radical). You must quote the Gedolim such as the Maharim Shick etc. who say as you do. That will work & be effective.

  5. Why not ask 'Daat Emet' to translate?

  6. I wonder if r.a.l. saw moe's post.

  7. I wish I could. Unfortunately, my Hebrew is really below par.

    However, I just wanted to comment how important translations are. Sometimes smart people think it beneath them to spend time translating. It's my contention that translators like Eliyahu Touger and Avraham Yakov Finkel have done a tremendous service to klal yisrael.

    Like teachers, translators are very much underrated. I encourage anybody who can to seriously consider translating important works.

  8. You live in Israel and you need a translator?


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